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Trial of VicRide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by The Joker, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Hi there,

    I have just renewed my bike licence and as such have been offered the Trial for VicRide - On road coaching program. Not sure if this exists in other states but it is 3 x half hour interviews, 1 now, 1 in 6 months and 1 in 12 months. Plus, there is a 4hour on road coaching session. Wondering if anyone out there has done this or also been invited to join?

    The Joker
  2. My sister was invited, but she didn't want to go for some reason (lack of time I think). I would have taken her place, but I didn't have my licence at the time.

    ETA: Welcome to Netrider btw.
  3. there is a few threads on here about this.
    I have done it though. I did my final phone interview yesterday so now just waiting for the $90 you get at the end of it. The 1 hour road ride is not to bad, just about raod position and noticing hazards etc.

    ps welcome
  4. I did it Joker and was not impressed. There was no coaching to speak of in the session I attended. Not what I expected, and unclear to me what - if anything - was achieved.

    Search for VicRide in these forums for a bit more background.

  5. Oh this thread has just reminded me to go and collect my $90....

    PS: yeah do a search and you'll find a fair bit on it...
  6. Yeah, did my 3rd interview last Saturday. Just need to ring up about my $90 & the ride.
    (Is having the front wheel in the air counted in lane position?)
  7. Thanks all for your responses. i'm not sure what i was thinking yesterday as clearly i didnt search the threads prior to starting this one. Everyone seems to be of the same opinion with what they thought but i will proceed anyway. Can't form an opinion until i've at least tried it. I've done the 1st interview of which several questions left a fair bit to interpretation as far as how and in what context it was asked. I'm booked in for my ride next weekend so i'll keep all informed.