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TRI-KIT (homebrewed) Motorcycle Alarm System

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by fred_kroft, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Hello All,

    I have finished developing a motorcycle alarm
    (actually, it's a 2nd iteration). Here is a link for
    those that are interested--


    The features of this system are--

    - 3 sensors (X & Y motion sensor, battery voltage monitoring)

    - 120dB alarm

    - system talks to a mobile phone when triggered, and gets it to
    ring a preconfigured number.

    - 1700mAh rechargable system, running low voltage logic giving
    a theoretical 6 day uptime (without being recharged).

    I am currently soak testing this design. I intend on making some
    units to sell. If I am happy with the design, then I'll make these
    units for other people.

  2. if price is right u got a buyer :grin: :grin:
  3. Hi Troy,

    My aim isn't to make money... rather to share my design. However,
    I want to cover my costs if you know what I mean.

    The current design costs about $60 cost price in parts (minus phone),
    and takes me a few days to build one unit. ..But with refinement, and
    bulk buying of components, costs will reduce.

    I'm hoping to rope a few people in my ride group to test this design out :).
    I'll let you know in a few months time if you are still interested ;). I want
    to make sure that this design is reliable and safe first though.


  4. Count me in too! Good luck with it!
  5. No worries ;)

    I am first going to ask a few fellow riders in Adelaide to use the units for a few months.
    This will make sure they are reliable and safe to use. If I am still satisfied with it's
    reliability, then i'll let you know.

    Seens you are in Victoria, I could send you a sample unit so that you, and other
    netriders could have a play.

    Also, I will be trying to make the unit far more smaller. At the moment the design
    is steered by surplus components I have and cost.

  6. Hi Fred,

    I and my VFR stand ready to be Guinea Pigs for your new system. :)

    Although at the moment my bike is kept somewhat more than 2 minutes away from my loving bosom :cry:
  8. No worries ;)

    yeah, you have to do that now days. I am always a bit paranoid when i take
    it up town.
  9. Hey Fred, sounds great to me. My Shadow could use some security.
  10. All,

    Seens I'm bored at the moment (off sick for a week), here is my progress with
    revision 1 (2nd revision) of my developmental Trikit alarm system.

    Unit is now quarter of the size.. in a metal case:


    It uses less than 4mA idle ;) (my target was 5mA)... it runs on 2.8V as before.
    It uses a 200mA/H NI-MH battery sourced from Jaycar instead of Nokia
    Lithion-Ion batteries. The circuitry is slightly more simpler now... but not
    by much. Charging is determined by sensing ambient tempeture and the
    batteries temperature. When a NI-MH reaches charge, it heats up.

    (For those in the know, I found the Negative-Delta-V method too difficult
    to detect with his battery and my required charging profile).

    My initial tests show that it is EMI resilient against mobiles 2W emission
    (the old "plastic" wasn't... I wonder why??? Duhh ;)


    I have had a tough time making it smaller using non-SMD tools/components
    etc. I am also using a smaller Microprocessor.. and I've had a rough time
    reducing/normalising/optimising the source code to fit on it. I got there in
    the end. It's been a fight though.

    Here is what the guts look like:


    This is a test unit... to (obivously) to do testing with. Infact this unit
    will not be used.

    If testing goes well over the next 2 weeks or so.. then I will build two
    refined units. One for myself, and one for EACruiser. If no faults are
    found, I'll then build a few more for anyone that wants one.

    We'll see how it goes anyway ;)
  11. I'm impressed, very impressed! How long will it sit between charges and still operate? I'm interested in this for two reasons, the obvious one, my bikes...well duh! but also my aircraft. The 'phone home' capability makes it interesting in that capacity because aircraft usually sit in remote locations where hearing an audible alarm is not always going to happen. I'd be interested in being a 'beta' tester too. Jeez some of these Netriders are clever bastards..... :grin:
  12. Hi Incitatus,

    The 200mA/H battery should have a theoretial uptime of 50 hours. That's plenty
    for a bike. I also don't have alot of room to play with.

    Uptime is all a matter of making your electronics use least amount of power,
    versus your batteries size. When your circuits are low power, they become noisy.
    High batteries take up more space. So, it's all tradeoffs etc. For your aircraft
    application, I'm sure we could use a bigger battery and chassis.

    The space I have in the Superduke (and many current bikes) is miniscule .

    I am happy to build you a unit.. but it's see how my testing goes first. If this prototype
    works and my two live test units work ok (without fail), then I'll start building more
    of them for people. Over 10 people have put there hand up for one.

    It's baby steps until then ;) Bullet Proof hardware takes time to develop ;)

  13. Good onya Fred. That is very impressive.
  14. That's some very impressive work! You're not an electrical engineer by any chance are you?
    I'd love to stick my hand up for one of these units if you ever find the time to make them for people. I reckon that there might end up being a long list wanting them.
    Hope the rest of the testing process goes well.
  15. Thanks rb and kanduli01,

    rb: No. In the electronics field, I'm only a tech.


  16. Jason, that is definitely an improvement in size and destructability.

    Good work, Sent you a PM.
  17. loosk & sounds great, when my baby is ready for the road, i'll be getting one off you mate!
  18. Got a mate interested, too (depending on the cost of course). Will keep an eye on this for him :)
  19. Does it have room for one of these?


    might not be as user friendly as a button, but whats user friendly for you is user friendly for a thief too.
  20. Hi Harte

    Yes, it could probably fit. Space is very very tight though. I suppose we
    could rise it ?.

    Would you have the face of the alarm exposed ? (so that you could lock and
    unlock it ?). I plan to fit mine under my seat. It's easy to access with a key,
    but a little bit of stuffing around for a thief.

    The only thing I hate about exposing the alarm is that you are advertising
    the fact that you have an alarm, the thief knows it's location, and they
    will probably know the brand of your alarm as well (and all of the associated
    bugs, exploits). In the security (computer) world, this isn't a good practice.