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Trend internet security 2007

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. does anyone have this software?
    ever since installing it my home network isn't working properly.

    it's installed in my PC. I can communicate & read files on my BF's PC while using mine, but he can't read files on my PC while using his.

    any suggestions on how to get the network working?

    Previously I had norton internet security & had no problem
  2. Um, firewalls? I duno. I can tell you PC-Cillin shits all over Norton in terms of the memory it uses up.
  3. yeah I know, that's why I got it
    I assume it's a firewall problem, but other than setting it to 'home network' i'm not sure what else to do

    do you run windows firewall as well as the trend one?
  4. Sorry bud, no idea. I have geek friends for these things.
  5. Deactivate Windows Firewall, set up your new security software on all networked computers while all computers are on and talking to each other.

    If it doesn't work after that, run help and trouble-shooting files: there'll definitely be a section on home networks.

    If it still doesn't work, hire a nerd :)
  6. ok I deactivated the windows firewall but it's still not working
    my BF's computer has VET installed, and he still has a long way to go before that expires so I'm no so keen on installing the security software on his PC

    any other suggestions?

    other than turn it off?
    the message I get on his PC says that he doesn't have permission to look at mine
  7. Rerun the Network Setup Wizard and make sure to enable File & Printer Sharing during the prompts [do this on both computers].

    Then you may still need to create a shared documents folder on the network.
    Right click the folder you want to share and go down to Sharing And Security... - click on the blue Shared Folder text and it will eithr bring up the already designated shared folder, OR should let you choose one OR, will create one for you.

    Do this on both computers, perhaps - if you want to be able to transfer files between them.

    That's for file sharing on the network.

    If you're just talking internet access you need to make sure that on the "Server" or the computer with the active internet connection, that during the Network Setup Wizard you say it connects directly to the internet and to allow other computers to connect through that one.

    If it was working ok before and now it isn't, you need to configure your firewall to allow network traffic - which should be covered specific to the program in it's help files etc.

    I now how frustrating and gay this gets though - my network at home has all firewalls turned off so it always works and and is recovered or re-setup easily.

    ... Firewalls are wasted too, as we don't have sensitive info on our comps, AND it turns out my family will just click on any ad or OK on any damn warning to try and make it go away as quickly as possible :roll:
  8. did all that already mate - both PC's connect to the internet ok, it's just my BF can't look at files on my PC at all.
    I'm thinking of turning off the firewall on internet security altogether & seeing if that works...
    both PC's have shared folders etc
    i think it's a firewall issue but the help files for Trend aren't very helpful
  9. Turn the firewall off and try it, that would be the first step.

    That will tell you whether it is the firewall or something else. Post up the results.
  10. OK I tried disabling every firewall on my PC - still getting the 'you don't have permission to access this PC' message.

    so it appears it might not actually be trend at all

    I have no idea what to do now!
  11. did some more dicking around - I found a way for my BF to be able to access files.
    I have to right click on START, click EXPLORE, TOOLS, MAP NETWORK DRIVE, the type \\computer\\folder (where computer is the name of my computer, and folder is the name of the folder)

    other than that - it just won't work!
  12. Mapping the drive is fine, and easier to access than trying to connect to the computer/drive manually.
  13. I think Trend has a built in firewall, so what you will need to do is allow the IP subnet.

    For instance, you probably have your PC's with IPs of 192.168.x.x - so you will need to open/allow these IPs.
  14. I have trend and dont have to allow any IP's.

    I also have a wireless router and dont need to allow them.

    I have both my machines needing to have a username/password at the windows login prompt.

    Then when trying to map a drive it will ask you for those details.

    If you setup the sharing and have that done there are usually no problems.
  15. the drive mapping is working, it's just inconvenient cause I have to do it every single time I want to look at a file
    none of my shared folders on my computer are showing up in 'my network places' on my BF's computer.
  16. Have you ticked the box to make it reconnect at login ?

    If you havent then that may be why you have to remap them each time.
  17. hmm - where is this tick box?
  18. When you first Map the drive the tickbox will be there.

    Thought i'd take a pic :D


    Hope that helps :)