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Tree growing over a bike... photoshopped perhaps?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Lectre, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. This is a crazy picture...


    the bike looks possibly old enough for the tree to have grown around it, but jeez it must be a fast growing tree!

    (work safe, even though it's b0g.org)
  2. The tree is a Ficus (rainforest fig) - they have aerial root systems that then butress to the trunk. They also grow incredibly quickly - so it could easily be real. I'd estimate that that tree would be about 20 years old (depending on climate, soil condition etc etc etc).

    It may be photoshopped, but with those trees, park a bike there, come back 5 years later and it would be well in the way to looking like this!

    PS This pic has been posted a few times now!

  3. If it's photoshop... it's a pretty decent job.

    Only I would think to fault it is if you knew that the tree wouldn't grow around it in a certain way, like it wouldn't grow thinner and then thicken again on the other side of the exhaust pipe.

    ... I'm not saying that, it's just an example.
  4. I'm doing digital media and work with photoshop alot, that one is most definately 'shopped
  5. Yeah, I have seen this before...don't know whether it has been photoshopped or not, but it is a great pic.
  6. trees will do stuff like that.
  7. hmmmmmmm, the possibility of the photo being photoshopped..........

    Has me "stumped" :LOL:

    Beat ya to it Hornet :p
  8. Branching out into the comedy industry, vic? :p
  9. I think I will 'leave' now before the jokes get too r**ted :LOL:
  10. I don't think it is photoshoped... just looking at the bike it looks like it has been in the weather for a while...

    I have seen a small tree growing through/around a CB750 and I have seen trees growing in some old cars..

    If you go north and explore some of the old farms you can find similar examples especialy where there are some fast growing trees...

  11. Leafing already?
    You mut be barking mad :grin:
  12. I must bough to your sappy jokes, Vic :LOL:

    The bike's a late 70's model Yamaha XS-650D twin; there would be plenty of time for a fast-growing tree (or even a slow-growing one) to embrace a derelict bike...

    {Of course, it woudl then carry it upwards is it grew upwards, wouldn't it :roll:?}
  13. Eh. The lighting isn't right, pretty damn good job though, alot of effort required, pretty convincing. If I wasn't so lazy I'd do one exactly like it. But I am. :)
  14. The lighting looks fine to me, but your assessment of the photo looks all wrong.
  15. i wonder if it still starts?
  16. Could easily be photoshopped but I'd say it is probably real.
  17. ive seen trees grow thru car tyres car rims, grow with iron droppers in their sides. grow thru a car door.

    so i can belive it

    and ficus are very versatile trees... grow fast and wont be hasled by a bike in its way.
  18. The bike is a late 70's Yammy XS650 ... could be a good fixer-upper but it looks pretty "rooted" to me :LOL:
  19. That's what they said about the moon landing photos as well! Maybe NASA tried to branch out and make a picture of an Alien bike eating tree!!
  20. That's what they said about the moon landing photos as well! Maybe NASA tried to branch out and make a picture of an Alien bike eating tree!!