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Treatments on dyed leather?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Murph289, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Dropped in to the local bike shop to ask a few questions on the way home from work yesterday, and spied a pair of Berik gloves in the bargain bin. I ruffled through and managed to find a pair that fit fairly well, and snared them for $100...

    Coming from a pair of Aldi gloves from 4 years ago, these are great, quality is in another realm.
    Only thing I have issue with is they are obviously not worn in yet, so are still pretty tight.

    In order to speed this process up, I was intending on using something along the lines of 'Dubbin' or some similar leather treatment. I'm a bit concerned about the effects on the dye though...

    Has anyone treated dyed leather with similar products to any good effect?

  2. Neatsfoot oil is what you want and it won't affect the dye. Google it!
  3. Cheers Bam BamBam Bam!
    Dubbin is generally a mix of beeswax and neatsfoot, and I have a pot of it here, so I am tempted to use it...
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  4. Do it, it'll be fine!
  5. As long as they're not white it'll be fine, dubbin won't make dye run and will add to waterproofing, use small applications then sit them in a warm sunny place, window, etc. to let it soak in then retreat, trying to do it in one hit will just end up in a mess
  6. Slather on the leather conditioner/dubbin/lard of unicorns getting it warm then rub with a rag before ride, easy.
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  7. I use Renapur on my leather jackets and pants. Its been recommended on here a few times over the years. I would probably avoid conditioning gloves (whether it be dubbin or other products) as it would tend to make them a bit less grippy.I suppose it would be OK on the backs of the gloves.
  8. Understandable but false; a quick rub with a rag(which one should do anyway) prevents any issues whatsoever. The grip surface is more abused especially with heated grips and therefore needs more care if anything.
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  9. And if they are...? Mostly black, but palms and smaller detail is white.
  10. Neutral dubbin should be fine, renapur is good, only a very small amount is needed, try a small area of white first but white will become grubby fairly quickly anyway
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  11. The treatments are about keeping the leather supple and water proof. It wont make the leather stretch.
  12. supple= easily stretched. stretched without cracking.
  13. This. I mainly want them softer, they are stiff to the point that my pinky finger struggles to wrap around the bar.

    I may just need to do some pinky-curls to toughen up my wimpy finger though.
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  14. There's a risk that the leather is already too dry and brittle. You may need something better than Dubbin, but if you do use dubbin, give it a good healthy coating, then leave the gloves some place warm for the product to soak in. Goodluck.
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  15. If you see the first post, the gloves are new, so they should not be cracked yet.
  16. I know, but they were in the bargain bin (suggesting old) and Murph described the leather as stiff.

    I have a pair of Bericks and they were nice and soft from the get go.

    Anyway, a cycle of treatment is worth a try.
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