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Treasures in the attic

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Today I was at Western Motorcycles, in Penrith. While trying to tear myself away from the new Honda 1000F and drooling over the new Hornet, I looked up.....

    .... and there on the mezzanine was this collection of beauties.....


    An unloved but complete CBR-1000 Honda


    A nicely faked Honda six racer, period running gear and a 1980s CBX-1000 engine


    Josh Brookes' Championship-winning GSX-600


    Troy Corser's RC-30 Honda Superbike


    A 1976 RG-500 Grand racer, bought originally by Mick Hone, and only raced 12 times, then into storage between 1978 and last year!


    And Nigel Bryan's racing 1000 V-Twin.
  2. Isn't it great that some one has the gumption to preserve these bikes . So many good ones have not been so lucky.
  3. That looks like Corsers Championship winning bike.
  4. I'm sure it's just a typing error but isn't the first one a CBR1100R? A beast of a bike ridden well by the likes of Greg Pretty, Dennis Neil and Wayne Gardner to name just 3.
  5. yep, I agree. It's a CB1100RC
  6. Sorry, scribal error :oops:

    Rog, the plaque says it IS the Troy Corser bike, but my smarty-pants know-all brother reckons THAT bike is in Texas! Meh, it's great to look at, whatever.
  7. Thats ONE hell of an ATTIC :shock:

    Thanks for Sharing Paul. Good to see these classics preserved.
  8. Honda would have provided Corser with 2 bikes. The other one could well be overseas.
  9. Is it just me or are the RC30/45 Hondas still one of the coolest looking race bikes ever built? To me they still look fresh even today :)
  10. i agree, they do look cool.
  11. Sound great too.
  12. Better than great rog -absolutely magnificent would be more like it :) :)
    Those where the days when Honda wasn't scared to be different with their V4 sport bikes. Or most of the manufacturers I suppose. Yamaha & Suzuki both had road going 500cc V4 2 strokes and everyone had a dabble with turbo's. Now days all we get is different coloured inline 4's in a couple of capacities.
  13. They weren't a race bike, they were a road bike that people raced, but a great looking one I agree.
  14. Love the 78 RG. Being a Suzuki fan, a Vermuelen fan, and before that a Sheene fan, I would love to have that sitting in my loungeroom.

    Throw in the rest of the collection as well. I'll just have to build a bigger lounge.
  15. They are not hard to get, if you are prepared to pay the price.
  16. Wow, that Honda 6 looks like the ultimate playbike. With so much money and effort going into it, it's surprising it still has CV carbs.
  17. What carbies would you fit to it?
  18. Totally agree. The RC30 was one of the best looking and sounding bikes on the road and track. In 1988 you could sit an RS250 GP bike next to an RC30 and, with the obvious exception on the swing arm and exhaust, struggle to tell the difference between the two.
  19. My favourite would have to be the RC45...they were awesome.
  20. Alex, did you ever race one?