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TRE now available for 2010 / 2011 Suzuki M109R

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by uzz32soarer, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I got my bike back in March and it's been driving me nuts with this surging in 2nd and 3rd gears.

    I contacted five manufacturers of TRE's and all of them came back and said that they haven't been able to make a simple to fit TRE for a 2011 model that retains the factory gear selection indicator.

    They knew how to do it, but it wasn't user friendly for people to fit without hacking into circuits and things.

    Then I located a company in Hungary and for a week or two I worked with them to ensure that their product would work properly on a 109. They made a TRE for other Suzuki models but nobody had tested it on a 9 and they had not verified the wiring and connections.

    I'm pleased to say that the product is awesome. Not only does it look the goods, but it's super easy to install and comes with great instructions. It's a plug and play unit and you only need to locate two wires at the ECM next to the battery and splice into these.

    The product is called the X-TRE from http://www.healtech-electronics.com/

    All of the surging is now gone, the bike is so much better to ride and the gear indicator works as the factory intended it to.

    I still foung the stock grips to allow road bumps to jar your hand and give some erratic throttle play, but fitting an isolating grip like the Kurakyn ISO grips has totally eliminated that from my bike too.

    The company has distributors all over the World, just go to the website and you can find the dealers pretty easy. Some are even advertising on fleabay!

    This mob also makes a speedo healer for the 109 that will give you a perfectly calibrated speedo. It takes all of about ten minutes to fit and is super easy to program. I fitted one last weekend and my speedo is now 100% accurate by my GPS satnav system

    So finally, great news for all of us riding late 2010 and 2011 models.
  2. Here's a picture of the unit fitted to the bike.

    If anybody has any hassles fitting it, drop me a PM and I'll send you step by step pictures of how to do it, which wires to join and where to get the power. It's really easy to do and the outcome is awesome.

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  3. And here is the Speedo Healer and their new FI Tuner Pro which I fitted on the weekend. Look how neat they mount onto the steel bracket on the left side of the bike behind the cover plate where your seat release goes.

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  4. Thanks, dude.
    You should also post this up on the M109Riders.com forum.
  5. Hi just ordered an x-tre any extra fitting info/ pics would be very useful, mine is terrible at low speed unless in fourth gear thanks Andy
    2011 vzr1800r cobra swept pipes ,cobra fi 2000 , big air kit
  6. Ok, call me a noob here but I have just purchased a M109r and have no idea what your on about. What is a TRE? and how much are these things?
  7. Hi all 109 s / vzr1800 s are restricted on power in first three gears as are most suzukis, this is done by retarding the ignition timing trouble is this makes the throttle a bit on and off and bike surge at low speed , an tre (timing retard eliminator ) will cure this.
    Cheap ones are about £20 but leave your gear change indicator showing 4 constantly. I have fitted a healtech.com tre that keeps your gear indicator working as it should ,takes about half hour to fit.
    Just waiting for rain to stop then I'll go out and do some wheelies !!!
  8. Oh. I thought it was something important.
    I don't fancy all that weight on the rear end, so il be keeping my front wheel down.
    Thanks for info, reckon I can do without right now though.
  9. Hi think if you keep bike standard you won't notice but I have got some cobra swept pipes and a big air kit so the bike is not as smooth as it was at low rpm and the tre may give a little more grunt
  10. Even with the bike standard the timing retard from factory will drve you insane. It's a 100% better bike to live with once the Healtech unit is fitted.
  11. Plaese can you send me the step by step pictures of how to do it.
  12. Hey,
    Could you also send me the step by step photos?