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Tray Truck (VIC) YKU598

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by mattxr, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Thanks for trying to kill me today.

    Was exactly what I needed to end my day at work.

    Riding up Tarneit Rd (crazy fcuking drivers around here) through bloody roadworks so down to 40kph.

    Was doing 50kph so anyone who was trying to be Michael Schumacher wouldn't catch me and run me over!! Check mirror about halfway into the raodworks and notice the tray truck that was miles back at the lights is catching me quite quickly.

    Hoping the speed will change back so I can get away, less than 5 seconds later check mirror again, Holy S&%$ the fcuker is on top of me!!!!! No where for me or the car on the otherside of the road that had to come to complete stop whilst this f%#ker clearly in a hurry gets past!!! Within 10/20 meters of the speed restrictions being removed and moving back to the normal 70kph.

    I'm pushed into the gutter side and almost have to come to a complete stop so this oxygen thief can go about his journey without a motorcycle as a front seat passenger.

    He has just tried to run me over, so im a little wound up!!! If he had of stopped I would have headbutted him with my helmet!!

    However i thought I would just go see Vic Pol, got rego etc so thought yeh they would at least say we will got chat to him and give said driver a slap on this wrist.

    No such luck, 10 min standing in the waiting area before someone comes and in which she proceeds to tell me "glad your ok but their is nothing that we can do, what we recommend to people is to ring 000 when it is happening" Handy response I though, she was a rider so there was at least some sympathy.

    Sorry about the slab of text, was a little wound up about it certainly gave the f$%ker a mouthful when i got next to him.

    I really just wish there was something that we could do, different story if there is no run-off for me......

    Thanks for reading, stay safe out there.
  2. So the cop recommends you use your phone to call them while riding your bike...?

    And she's a cop?
    And a rider?

    And a cop
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  3. I think that is police code for fcuk off.
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  4. Not a good response by someone who may be inexperienced, unaware of what can be done or just lazy. What you can do is go back or to another police station and try with another officer. If it seems like you're being fobbed off, ask to have a word with the sergeant. Hopefully they know what needs doing.

    Alternatively, you can call Crime Stoppers and give the information over the phone. It ends up going to the same place. This idiot may have caused other similar dangerous issues, so your info could help build a picture, or at the least put them on the radar. It may end up being something as simple as the call or if there is a history may result in something further. You never know?

    Good luck.
  5. I think the stupid look I had on my face when she said it may have given her an idea of what sort of response that was. I was leathered up and carrying my helmet so it wasn't as though she didn't know i was riding.
    I did feel as though I was getting fobbed off, I personally would consider what this bloke did to be dangerous driving. She was inferring that basically if we don't see it to bad, nothing can be done. I has certainly deterred me.
  6. That is very unfortunate and makes it difficult for everyone. If you don't want to speak to anyone you could consider doing it online.

    As I say, it may not go far or it could link information together. Consider it anyway.

  7. I don't get this... The driver isn't in control of steering of the bike. Physically impossible from behind to push a bike to the side. This is the time to get dead centre of road make yourself as big as possible. Keep an eye behind and see how close they get.... They are in a truck, won't have the acceleration even close to you so there is your out.

    From your post, I assume you are a relatively new rider? If so... then this isn't a one off situation. People will do aggressive and stupid things all the time.

    As for the police - in he said/she said things where nothing happened, nothing they can really do. This is where having a camera is handy. Usually they take the rego and note the complaint though, so that is odd.
  8. Even if they did follow up with the truck driver, all he has to do is deny it and that would be the end of it. That is... unless there are other witnesses to his actions who are prepared to speak up for you. Hence the plod's "nothing much we can do" response you received.

    A camera might help but remember, it's a double-edged sword - footage can be used against you. If you have a helmet mounted cam, don't look down at your speedo if you can help it. If you have a new Go-Pro, turn off the GPS tracking if you're on a spirited run.
  9. wow, that's no good mate.
    yeah so this cop chick, she was a bit of allright eh ?
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  10. Tarneit road........Feel your pain
    Have you noticed how many suicide tip trucks are in the area lately.
    Vehicle Type Car/Truck
    Victorian Registration Number YKU598
    VIN/Chassis Number JALFSR12HK3600579
    Engine Number 6BG1816940
    Colour WHITE
    Make ISUZU
    Body Type TRAY
    Compliance Plate Date 09/1990
    Year Of Manufacture 1990
    Transfer Dispute No
    Registration Serial Number 6193772
    Registration Status Current
    Registration Expiry Date 08/06/2013
  11. The cops response, while disappointing, isn't unexpected.

    Personally I would have ignored the speed restriction and accelerated away.
  12. If you feel strongly about it then lodge the issue with your local 'dob in a hoon' website. At least it logs the matter.
    As for the response by the officer ... a standard blurb that says nothing in particular but that does not mean the vehicle would not be subject to extra scrutiny if noticed when officers are out n about.

    Let karma take it's course. ;)
  13. The police don't exist to help you. The ensure compliance to government policies, nothing more.
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  14. Should have been a little clearer, when i noticed in the mirror that he was all over me I looked up and 3/4 of the truck was passed me making an angle across the front of me wheel. It was to late by then to do anything other that slow to almost a complete stop.
    Think a GOPRO might be something i look into.
    She was actually not to bad!!!
    That is exactly what I will be doing next time, no slowing down waiting to get run over the top of.
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  15. So you could see a truck coming up behind in the distance... yet somewhow you missed the 20 crucial seconds... If a truck was 3/4 past before you reacted, you have bigger issues.

    Still have no idea on entering a freeway onramp how a truck out accelerated you.
  16. Go pro has GPS??? My Silver GP3 doesn't.
  17. GoPro H3 Silver doesn't, Contour +2 does.
  18. Yeah didn't think so.
  19. Saw this ute this morning, coming from eltham area. Was in my cage , but thought the license was familiar. It has P plates!!!!
  20. Just tell them you think it was a GTR and he was hooning, they would have been on his doorstep in 5 minutes ;)
    (don't bother, I know)