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Travel time to Adelaide (from Melb)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by egiste, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. 7 hours

  2. 8 hours

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  3. 9 hours

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  4. Don't know

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  5. I dont want to go to Adelaide

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  6. Where is Adelaide ? Is it even one of eastern states ??

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  1. Im supposed to be going to Adelaide this weekend, (go saturday, back sunday) and due to poor planning it looks like plane tickets are too expensive, and since I just got a new ute, I thought I might drive.

    From memory it is about 7-7.5 hours from melb-adel, does this sound about right ?

  2. Sticking to the speed limit 8 hours....
  3. I should mention that if egiste doesn't go to Adelaide we'll most likely hit the pubs with his 23yr old sister and her friends. There are some particularly good looking girls in this group of friends so I would appreciate it if people opted for the longer travel times when they vote. :cool:

    Yes Eswen, it's very suss that he even thinks there is a choice here. :LOL:
  4. Now look here. You have it all wrong. Call yourself a motorcyclist huh? What you should be saying is "how long have I got to ride my bike all over the countryside whilst still heading in the vague direction of Adelaide?" "And can someone please tell me where the nastiest twistiest roads imaginable are, so I can scare myself senseless every two minutes", & then brag about how much fun you had when you get back home.
    But thats just me :LOL:
  5. I'd like to see you do it on egiste's bike. :p :LOL:
  6. Cheers people, looks like 9 hours is the call, thats still quite possible.

    Well that is a bit of an issue, given there is a ute parked out front and the only bike in the shed would gain me instant death if I were to take it for a weekend ride. Well instant death upon return. What am I thinking, its probably worth it :grin: :grin:
  7. Return? :? I'd hunt you down dude. :twisted: :LOL:
  8. 8-9 hours, non-fun way

    80-90 hours fun way :grin:
  9. seany... i think mark just had a puncture.... ooo make that two... wink wink
  10. guys... this thread is a year old....
    but since i didnt get to give my opinion last year...
    mark it all depends on which way you go, if you want to go the hot girls way its 25+ hours, if you want to go the seanhatesyoufortherestofyourlife way its a bit shorter.
  11. I'll wonder what that means after I finish wondering why this thread came back up, 14 months after the last post? :? :shock: :? :? :? :) 8-[
  12. the direct route 6 1/4 hrs, but that may possibly have involved breaking the speed limit on the way to the 1st Adelaide F1 GP in an XC Cobra :grin: