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N/A | National Travel Insurance covering Motorcycling

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Vertical C, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Just trying to find a travel insurer that will cover motorcycling overseas. A lot of them seem not to cover it for larger bikes as it is too risky.

    Anyone got any suggestions on who to try?

  2. Sorry can't help out with any names - but I think there was an article in Road Rider that listed some contact details - maybe search their website if no one comes forward.

    I was in europe about this time last year and just stuck with scooters so I didn't have to worry about it, my travel insurance covered me up to 250cc from memory. I did have a look beforehand though and noticed some would not cover you for anything off-road and I think actually specified the road type - not sure where you're thinking of travelling to but if it involves anything off road it may be worthwhile checking it thoroughly.
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  4. Thanks at least I have one and they seem Ok priced.
  5. Didn't know it was a problem. As long as you are licenced for the country and not racing or competing. Just check the fine print. I think southern cross insurance covers rental excesses (doesn't specify against bikes).
  6. We were told that as long as you are licensed to ride that vehicle in Australia, then the insurance will cover you for personal harm (not damage to the vehicle). Of course you have to sort out licensing in whatever country you go to to be legal.
  7. The travel insurance that comes with my credit card explicity excludes bikes over 200cc. I checked a couple of others and it was the same. I am heading to America and with their litigous society and their health system costs I didnt want to be too careful.

    Thanks all for the help I found one.
  8. Hey Vertical C, who did you end up going with? Any further advice?

    I am riding south of San Fran, down to Big Sur in June 2011. Cant wait!
  9. I went with world care : http://www.worldcare.com.au/

    It was about $300 if memory serves me right, but worth it as my stupidity meant I needed to claim. They were fast and fair on the claim. Read the PDS to make sure you are covered. These guys can tailor the policy to suit you so you can pick what you need if you already have some cover with you credit card ie I was already covered with lost bags with my credit card so I didn't pay twice.

    Make sure you meet the requirements that they set, eg they required me to get the excess reducible to claim for the excess waiver. They made me prove this. They also made me prove that I was licensed for the bike I was riding when I claimed so don't be tempted to get a non lams bike if you are on restrictions.

    Actually did a ride report already here:https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=116818

    I don't mention CA much in my report because it was my first report and I wasn't used to writing. I had no real issues the traffic was light enough but take it slow, remember to take it off the coast road and go into the canyons as there are some amazing roads there.

    It's really hot in June, especially off the coast, it was over 40 c in the valley so get a airflow jacket. I wet mine when it was too hot in Nevada which works as air con for about 20 minutes.

    Who are you hiring from and what are you hiring?
  10. worldcare.com.au is a good one. I went with them too. No limit on motorcycle CC, so long as you ride in compliance with your Australian license. Their select-a-benefit slider section allows you to build a policy that is relevant to what you want so that you dont have to pay for the crap you may not need. So it works out pretty cost effective. Underwritten by Allianz so it's not dodgy bros (well insomuch as any insurance can be wholesome anyway).
  11. Hi Guys,

    Those of you who have been on riding tours overseas, can you please let me know if you managed to find a Travel Insurance cover which covers motorcycle riding or at least the excess you have to pay the rental companies in case of damage to the bike?

    I have been searching all over the internet for the last 2 days and while some insurance companies says bike riding is covered, when you start reading the fine print, it only covers car rentals.

    I read the PDS for the above 2 companies mentioned in this thread and there is nothing specific about bike riding cover in their policy.
  12. World care covered me for excess. Back a few years ago.

    What clause are yoi worried about with them? Can you post it?
  13. Allianz covered me 2 years ago for both motorcycle and horse riding when I backpacked through Asia for 6 months.
  14. Informative thread thanks Vertical CVertical C. I was always told "if you are covered in Aus and have the appropriate licence, you are covered OS". Needs a bit more research from my end.
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    Reading the PDS it states the following in section 16:

    Reading the exclusions on page 49, it states the following relating to Motorbikes:

    I will call them tomorrow to make sure.
  16. Worldcare is also using Allianz as their provider. I am just worried about some insurance companies only allowing you to ride a scooter or a max 200cc bike and I will be riding an 800cc bike for the duration of the tour (on road, no off-roading at all)
  17. Think the insurance needs to include hazardous activities. Our travel agent knew how to get it for us.
  18. I believe that just means you need to be licenced for the bike you are riding. So you need to ride a lams bike if you are only on your ps.

    World care made me prove that i had a full licence before they paid a claim

    It would be wise to make sure.
  19. I dont think thats necessary. Thats for skiing. Which my insurers have thought more dangerous
  20. I'm going through the same thing at the moment jalalskijalalski.

    I am yet to find a current policy from ANY company in my investigations that covers the Rental Vehicle Excess when it pertains to Motorcycle Rental. From the Worldcare PDS when defining 'Rental Vehicle' (pg. 29):

    “Rental Vehicle” means a campervan/motorhome that does not exceed 4.5 tonne, a sedan, hatchback or stationwagon, four wheel drive or mini bus/people mover rented from a licensed motor vehicle rental company.

    So on that basis alone it would appear to exclude Motorcycle rentals from Excess Reduction cover BUT I would be interested to hear the result of your call to them.

    Any enquiries I have made (with various companies) have proved fruitless!