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travel in japan for motorbike enthusiast. Highlights ?!?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bennjamin, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. hey everyone....
    Im off with the gf to Japan for a few weeks in June - we have all the usual places bookmarked and plan to stay at Osaka and Tokyo.

    Are there any places / museums / shops etc that are specific to motorbiking in general ? There would have to be some sort of classic history museum about REPSOL , yamaha etc etc somewhere around.

    Also , anyone know of a motorbike shop/chain ( like AUTOBACS ) in japan ?

    Thanks for any input !
  2. was in japan in feb/march.

    vaguely remember reading somewhere that there is a showroom in tokyo of a particular manufacturer. free admission?

    sorry, can't be more specific than this.

    amongst other things, check out 'Amerikamura' in osaka.

    oh, and for a cathartic experience, i suggest you have a go at a driving range. golf, that is. fark the putter. just select a driver and hit the shit out of the balls.

  3. Hi,

    I'm a frequent visitor to Japan(been going once a year for 6-7 years)

    The showroom in Tokyo is most likely the Nissan showroom in Ginza? They have a beaut r35 GTR in there to get intimate with.

    Theres also quite a few other showrooms around Tokyo but mostly for cars. Toyota Amulux at Ikebukuro and Toyota Showroom on Odaiba in Tokyo bay are worthy of visiting.
    Both are free though not really motorcycle stuff.

    Sure to see alot of funky bikes around town though. They go all out with neons and styling over there.
  4. I hope you like 400's!
  5. If I ever move back to Japan, I'll need to convert my license to a local one, and then do the big bike (>400cc) license test. What a pain in the arse.
  6. List of vintage motorcycle museums in Japan below -- it's in Japanese, so use a web translator like babelfish if you want to read what it says. I haven't been to any of these, so I can't recommend a particular one. The author seems to speak highly of #2 (Mochiya Motorcycle Museum), though just from the description, I'd personally be more interested in #5 (Fuji Motor Museum), as the displays apparently center around Japanese race models over the years.


    You might want to ask the folks at gaijinriders, which is a forum of foreign-national riders in Japan.

    If you were there is late July, I would've HIGHLY recommend the Suzuka 8 hours event. That's a good show (and have tons of important race models listed over the years anyway) -- maybe in the future sometime or for others who are going to be there during that time.

    Haha - that's some nostalgia for me. I did exactly that once my intl ran out.
  7. Must see in Tokyo is Ueno - where all the bike and tuner/accessory shops are. Just take the train to Ueno and there is a street of shops just opposite the station.

    I must have visited there at least a dozen times over the years and never got bored.
  8. was going to post this elsewhere but here will do.

    a suggestion for a joyride, perhaps...

  9. im in tokyo at the moment, been here a few times, the wife is from tokyo:D
    Anyway head to Ueno dude. plenty of bike shops there, a whole building or several floors dedicated to bikes. Cheap Helmet also. Brand new Arai for around 600$ aus you can get if you deal rite.
    Last time i checked the new R1 was 1.2 mil yen, about $ 14000 aus:D.
    Anyway when u get to Japan get a JR rail pass or a suica card, there handy and will get you on all trains. Transport rocks here, you wont be missing many trians since they come every 3 minutes:LOL:
    depending where your staying, maybe Shinagawa area or ginza or if your a sleaze bag it would be Roppongi:LOL: juist catch the yamanote line train to Ueno and get off and exit the main exit then turn left and ul see a main road, that road should keep your eyes glued to bikes for a day, shops everywhere for ya.
    Anyway thats my 2 cents worth, enjoy Japan buddy.
    When in Tokyo head to yoyogi park on a sunday, very good value there also.
  10. hmmm, japanese wife:grin:

    is she expensive?
  11. does anyone know anything about renting bikes in japan for a week or so?

    is an australian license good enough, how much etc?