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International Travel in developing countries

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by PSYKC, Jul 3, 2016.

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    You know you're addicted to riding when .... You are having an awesome time in Thailand, but all you can think about is bikes!!!

    Must be the warm weather ...

    Trying to get chillibuttonchillibutton to agree to hiring a couple of scooters, but so far he's not that keen! Not what you'd call ATGATT over here, plus I was hoping to pop the kids on the back!!!

    Here's where you can pop your 3rd world county riding experiences, so Mr Button and I can finally put this argument / discussion to bed!!!

    Any thoughts on:
    • Bad roads, bad riders and flip flops ...
    • Travel insurance - seemingly none!
    • Gear - at best it looks like you can hire a helmet (which may or may not have dropped a couple of 1000 times)!
    • Young kids on back ...
    PS I'm not thinking about a big ride, just tootling around for a couple of hours on quieter roads during non peak, non-weekend times ... In Koh Samui) Scooter hire is only about $10.00 a day!

    image. image.
  2. I got a scooter for six bucks a day in Vietnam. Utterly terrifying in the capital cities so I stayed away from that, but I rented one in Hoi An and one in Sapa and had a great time.

    The road rules are more like suggestions than actual rules. The helmets are questionable. Not sure if it's law to wear them - probably is or a lot more wouldn't. Some friends got pulled over and told to put their helmets on and used the great excuse that the seat lock didn't work and the helmets were under the seat. The cop forced the seat open and they put the helmets on and went on their way... I didn't wear the helmets all the time, mostly as I questioned their ability to protect my head anyway, and second mostly because I just wanted to ride around without one for a bit to see what it was like (never ridden without one before...)

    I loved it, six bucks a day for scooter was so much better than arguing about the price of a taxi fare every time you wanted to go somewhere. Just be careful, go slowly, keep to the right if that's the side of the road they drive on, and take it easy. The condition of the scooters they rent you is terrifying, but they go alright. Check the brakes and the tire condition and if you're brave use their inferiority as a haggling point, or if you're not, demand a better scooter.

    I was pretty uncomfortable with my girlfriend on the back, there were a few moments when I felt a little unsafe, but apart from that it was totally fine. Also seeing all the shït they load onto scooters in Vietnam made me feel a lot more comfortable, I only had a small load of one person on the back of mine ;-)

    Some travel insurance will cover you, but only for small bikes so just check it out. Someone on here, can't remember who, did a trip to NZ with his son recently and had a good insurer I think.

    Ugh. Lunch break over. One day I'll have a 9-5 like a normal bloke and get weekends off for a change :-S
  3. Thanks Steve VtecSteve Vtec!
    Liking the 1st post getting off on a positive note!!! (y)(y)

    Yes, planning to hire bike from hotel we are staying at, so hopefully less likely to be ripped off!

    They ride in the left here, so that's a plus!

    We not in the mainland ... Another plus! Figure for $10 if I'm terrified I just stop and don't loose much! Maybe one less Cocktail! :woot:

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  4. I'm not jealous at all ;-)

    If its anything like Vietnam, you'll have to haggle to buggery to get it for the suggested price but be persistent, their respect for you goes up when you play the game with them. And don't think that cause it's a resort or whatever that they won't try to rip you off. If you know what it costs then you're in a good place to start :)
  5. Lol! Look at it this way, I haven't had the Duchess since 6 May, so this is scraping the bottom of the riding barrel!!! Feeling better yet???
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  6. Do it no question, Lankawi on our honeymoon is the first time I started teaching Meeks to ride!

    It's also the first time I really saw how stubborn she could be, I was on the back and she got some target fixation so I grabbed the bars to turn away from it. She then decided with me on the back if I wasn't going to let her do it completely she just wouldn't steer.

    It was a Mexican stand off for what felt like forever but in reality only a few seconds before my survival instincts kicked in and I started driving. From the pillon seat mind you lol.

    I think you'll be super sensible with the kids on the back anyway so just do it, best way to get around on an island.
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  7. Thanks jonnymacjonnymac!!!

    That's sounds super cute! I like Meeks!, she sounds spunky! Gunna kick Cancer's ass with that attitude!!!

    Ahhh, for now just gunna lie her and dream of riding! Geez life sux!
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  8. image. image. We did it!!!!

    So glad we did too! Such a great way to explore an island!! Kids loved it! Our youngest took to it in seconds! Yikes, I know where this story goes!

    Anyway, thanks for the encouragement!
    Might even do it again tomorrow ! Sure beats a taxi!!!
    No doubt chillibuttonchillibutton will add to "photos from your ride" thread!
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  9. Note "island ATGATT" - made everyone wear shoes and a shirt. Helmets are laughable but I guess better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.
    Fun afternoon! Never thought I'd say that with a top speed of about 70 lol...
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