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Travel brochure terms explained

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by pvda, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Old world charm (Room and a bath)

    Tropical (Rainy)

    Majestic setting (A long way from town, at end of dirt road)

    Options galore (Nothing is included in the itinerary)

    Secluded hideaway (Directions to the location are unclear)

    Some budget rooms (Sorry, already occupied)

    Plush (Both top AND bottom sheets)

    Gentle breezes (In hurricane alley)

    Light and airy (No air conditioning)

    Explore on your own (At your own expense)

    Knowledgeable trip hosts (They've flown in an airplane before)

    No extra fees (No extras)

    Nominal fee (Outrageous charge)

    Standard (Sub-standard)

    Deluxe (Barely Standard)

    All the amenities (One complimentary chocolate, free shower cap)

    Superior accommodation (Two chocolates, two shower caps)
  2. Qantas Club: snore before you board. :LOL:
  3. Rooms with stunning views: You'll be stunned that you paid so much to stare at a wall.

    Friendly locals: Prepare to buy sh1t you've never wanted from smiling and persistent hawkers.

    Kids welcome: singles and childless couples will run screaming from this place.
  4. :LOL: :LOL: funny thing is they are close to the mark.