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Trash Radio ! . . . . again !!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. I find this appalling !


    And we all comment on how the youth of our curremt era are losing the plot in social acceptance and sensibility . . . . and we get media bogans such as this putting crap like this on the air where the target audience are the younger generation. :roll:
  2. I honestly don't know why he's famous.

    He's not funny.
    He's not clever.
    He's not attractive.
    He's just a prick.

    ... why the hell aren't I famous?!?!?!
  3. Kyle and Jackie O are the Jerry Springer of breakfast radio.

    I think it is abhorrent that this girls mother put her on the spot after knowing for a month that her daughter was raped at 12. The girl is now 14 and the mother wanted to know if she was sexually active. The fact that they would have a girl that age being questioned on a live to air show while hooked up to a lie detector is just plain wrong - especially given the circumstances. Even though the station didnt know about the **** I still believe they were out of line questioning a minor. The mother should be drawn and quartered - and so should Kyle for implying that being raped was equivalent to choosing to be sexually active :evil: The girl was forced and that is without question the lowest of low acts, especially on a minor of ANY sex.

    WTF is wrong with people these days???????
  4. Because then you would have no time for us :grin:
  5. I read somewhere (the article or another one, or comments, not sure) that the mother "doubted" she'd been raped when she was 12 :? :shock: . Don't know exactly what that means, regardless everyone in this situation is a moron, including the girl - why the f*** would you agree to do it?

    It WOULD be nice if this did get Kyle off the airwaves, but I doubt it :(.
  6. Even if the girl consented when she was 12 it's still ****, so the mother deserves to be shot for taking her on the radio, she should be a mother not trying to be her cool friend and get her on radio, ask the questions at home ffs
  7. lowest common denominator radio and what was with that mother?
    All round idiocy!
  8. that makes me sick. absolutely disgusting
  9. Sydney Radio.....???
    Just what what were you expecting ??? Surely not quality journalism !!!
  10. It doesn't get much lower than Kyle...
    I would say he's a tool but that would be giving him credit.
    wouldn't listen to him if he was the only thing on.

    Merrick & Rosso crap all over him for entertainment!
  11. It's outright child abuse.
    Clearly the girl did not consent to this interview. She was forced to do the interview which is bad enough but to ask a 14yr old girl about her sexual activity on air when she'd already asked not to do the interview is beyond belief. By forcing the girl to do this the girl's mother has shown herself to be totaly unfit to raise children. The fact that the mother knew about the **** makes it far, far worse. I would hope to hell DHS take action.
    I had seen/heard enough of this fcuk tard to know he's a dead shit, but really what kind if sicko continues that interview, let alone with that comment? :shock:
  12. FYI the show is syndicated around the country.

    What people should do is send an email to the station making it clear that sensationalistic rubbish at the expense of a minor is going too far. The interview should never have been given the green light by the producer of the show.

    Isnt this a breach of duty of care by the mother given that the girl in question is a minor?
  13. While not trying to lessen this in any way, and I do think it's quite vile and ugly, but how it is any worse than JJJ over the last 10 years or more, stylising and socialising homsexuality into some sort of fashionable plus to be followed. It regarded itself as the youth station of the nation.

    There are alot more sickos than just Kyle and co. And I think all involved in this latest incident should be locked up for indecent assult of a minor, it may not be physical but you can also feck with their head.
  14. they get such crap on that show

    The other week was flicking channels and some cow was going on about her right to smoke as much as she wanted in her car regardless of her kids being there with her :roll:
  15. Kyle Sandilands is nothing but a no-talent hack. How he ever got a job on TV or radio is beyond me - Who the hell is he? What did he do to deserve a job in the industry?
  16. How did JJJ do this? I listened to the Js a fair bit from 1998 to 2007 and am lost for an example. I don't recall any of this going on in any of the morning, afternoon or night slots over that time.
  17. They did what now? :shock: I've listened to a hell of a lot of JJJ over the last 15 yrs and never heard any of this. :shock:
  18. Holy snapping duckshit batman. Did you just compare the forced interview of a minor regarding her sexual experience on live-to-air national radio and /continuing/ said interview after discovering she was raped at 12 years old, to allowing open discussion and content regarding the sexual preferences and lifestyle of mutually consenting adults, who just happen to be different to you?

    Did you really just do that?

    No? I didn't think so.
  19. Well hopefully this will make the broadcasting standards take peoples complaints about gutter radio more seriously. Commercial radio has been in a sharp downward spiral in terms of morality for the past 5 year or so.

    and t-mike, you sir are an idiot.