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Transporting tyres.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mr_messy, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I've done a search but couldn't find anything relevant to what I was looking for.

    I received my tyres via courier the other day and I want to have them fitted. The problem is I don't have a car just 3 bikes.
    How do I get the bike and the tyres to the shop? I've seen on the latest amcn a pic of a duke690r with tyres strapped to the back of the bike.
    Wondering if I should do this and whether or not I'll get pulled up for it or not.
    If it helps its a gsxr750

  2. just stick the tyres around you like the michelin man.
  3. I've done this, although I wouldn't recommend it.

    Strap 'em to the pillion seat/tailpiece. As long as they're secure there's no reason you'd get trouble for it.
  4. It's good for more than just bike tyres

    Edit: Oh and on a slightly more helpful note if it's not that far to wherever you're getting the tyres fitted then maybe get a taxi to transport them, and follow it on the bike.
  5. I believe someone did this transporting slicks to JohnnyO however I can't find the post or thread anywhere.
  6. 1. Borrow a mates car or have a mate drop them off to the tyre fitting place.
    2. Courier them to the tyre fitting place.
    3. Ask a member to cage them for you to the tyre fitting place in exchange for insert favourite beer here.
  7. Occy straps and imagination are all you need MrMessy!!

    Bikes and things I have carried on them:
    Any of my bikes: Tyres.
    GS500: 6' 2" surfboard.
    GS500: 2.1 metre ladder.
    Ducati 900GTS: Gearbox and diff for my car.
    BMW R60: A mate and a cute chick we found hitching one night.
  8. Tyre goes over one shoulder and under the other arm. Problem is ... ? Well yes, it is a trifle uncomfortable after a while, but how far do you plan to go?
  9. it was brownyy, and i think it was in his "omg i have a daytona" thread.
  10. 100 kg of cement on the back of an MZ250. Wheelies galore.

    Two MZ250s and a pillar drill on the sidecar platform of my old combo Razorback. Sparks everywhere when the chassis touched down on every left hander.

    Edit: That'd be right handers of course.
  11. I've tried giving it a shot putting the tyres around my but on a gsxr with the tank and rear seat it just doesn't allow me to ride
  12. OK Pat, you win! =D>
  13. I got some Pilot Pures I needed to take to the shop to have fitted....would have stripped the wheels but didn't have a 46mm spanner for the rear wheel nut......
    .....anyway I have a Ventura rack and bag so just strapped them on.

    If you don't have a rack, maybe gaffer tape them together, tie some rope on them like slings and wear as a backpack? Maybe they'll hang too low but if you wear em high it might work?
  14. This. I've carried a set of tyres from Geelong to Cranbourne this way. When it gets uncomfortable just wind on the gas a bit to shorten the trip a little. Also carried car radiators wedged under my chin and between my arms 30 odd kms into town and then back home again. Sat on car tailshafts and done the same trip on a dirty bike. Think BBQ man.
  15. Just curious. Did you buy the tyres new and was the savings made (compared to taking the bike to a shop that sell and fit) worth the hassle?
  16. Fit them yourself. Sport tyres are dead easy as the carcase is nice and soft. 2 tyre levers, 2 rim protectors and you're set. Hardest part is breaking the bead, but a length of 90X45 timber is all that's required for that. Once you have the wheel out of the bike it would be lucky if it was 10 minutes work. Far better than trips to the dealer, then getting d!cked around, then return trips etc etc.
  17. Call a taxi and make him follow you.
  18. Managed to save a bit of money buying 3 sets to save on postage. Buying one set wouldn't save you that much, but you still save abit.
  19. ahh there it is. I tried looking for it but I got sidetracked for a couple of hours reading through your other posts.