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Transporting the 2nd person on a Jolie anyone done it?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Mandala434, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Any of you guys tried to transport a friend with a 50cc Jolie? I want to try it myself since I'm a smallish guy & plenty of room behind me but I'm still cringing with the fact that my friend's gonna topple over when I'm going 60. I got the idea after I saw a couple of Mios with their big luggage pack + 2 (smallish) riders & still runs pretty well. If this is verified I'm gonna go & buy an open faced helmet just in case someone need a lift.

    By the way @ first I thought that the V - Moto Monza's the only 50cc scooter able to transport 2 riders properly (with the exception that it got a worse body build than a Jolie :p from credible review source) . Prove me I'm wrong & that the Jolie can do it just as good or better :grin: .

  2. It CAN do it. Just like my zzr250 CAN pillion..

    Its just not much fun.

    If its for a few streets or as an emergency need to take a pillion ok fine, but it will take a lonnng time.. 50cc is good for 60ish once derestricted? Adding the weight of an extra person, I would guess 45 would be an effort.
  3. :LOL: So in another shorter version Phizog...we better not take a passenger then right?, especially if it's a girlfriend (that's what I'm asking this question about) or worse your little kid. There I go again cringing & shaking @ the thought of when they do fall backward head first. Yeah my pride & joy's already been derestricted by Team Show & Go's mechanic so it can hit 70 easily too. :grin: I'm willing to try it just not don't want to get the bad consequences though :twisted:
  4. You don't want to be chugging around with nothing in reserve, its not safe or wise. Taking off from lights will SUCK. When I go on the freeway in my old mazda 626 its ok sitting on 100, but there is very very power left to overtake easily.

    When on 2 wheels especially, you need to be able to zip around to avoid obstacles (ie. cages). All I'm saying is its possible, but not advisable. Go ahead and borrow a helmet from someone and give it a go.
  5. I'll definitely try it this Sat Phizog, I even called Team Show & Go & the mechanic told me no more than 150kg of weight are allowed when I'm taking a passenger. He also mentioned that I better check just in case the road rules might disallow me to carry a passenger. I'm sure that won't happen though.
  6. :LOL: Success my Jolie could still hit around 50kmph mark without chugging, she's freaking out along the way though but got used to it quickly :) It was worth buying the 2nd helmet.
  7. Haha glad you had fun! Can't wait till I can pillion.. but if I had to stick to 50km I couldn't be bothered. For burbs riding its a ok though.
  8. its doable man.

    the jolie actually has foot rests/ seat groove for the pillion. my old Honda today50 didnt.

    my gf and i double sometimes, down to the beach etc.

    no worries.

    obviously not the best scooter to double on though haha :)