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Transporting my bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ian, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. I am moving from Brisbane to Cairns soon. Time is tight between finishing my current job and starting the next, so riding up is not an option.

    Any suggestions on getting my bike up there safely?

  2. Buy a bike trailer and tow it up?
  3. Tack, time is a problem. I am going to have to fly up and get the bike sent some other way. Thinking rail freight, back load with a trucking company etc.. but want to make sure it arrives in the same condition it leaves in. Wondering if anyone has had any experiences doing something similar.
  4. Was curious, so I yellow paged motorcycle transport in qld and the first ad was this one:


    Suggest you try there and if they can't help you, I'm sure they'll put you on to someone who can?
  5. Not sure if they cover that route, though I have used 2 Wheel Transport and found them to be excellent and very resonably priced!

    www twowheeltransport com au

    If I remember right, talk to Stuart - top bloke I found :)
  6. check out the link for bikenut that tim650 posted.im having mine moved from sydney to townsville and theyre $675 cost was the cheapest i could find. :wink:
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions. Bikenut is the best quote so far at $445, with a few more still to come in.


  8. good Choice Ian
    I was going to suggest never let a car transporter move your bike, huge espense!! the same as a car and in some cases much more expensive. They also do not take the care that the bike transporter is going to take.
    Plus knowing the damages caused to cars by them, imagine what they can do to a bike.

    Enjoy Cairns!!
    my home turf district
    jealous as all buggery