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Transporting motorbike from NSW to VIC

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by dokokoko, May 19, 2016.

  1. Hey I found a bike in NSW, and need to get it back to VIC. I don't want to ride 9 hours down. And I don't have a towbar on my car so can't hire a trailer.

    Does anyone recommend a good motorbike transporting company I could use?

    Any help would be very much appreciated!
  2. I'll ride it for $500 and return air fare
  3. :shifty::shifty:
    Ill do it for $300 plus a flight home! :sneaky::sneaky:
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  4. Recently I had a motorcycle transported from Coffs Harbour to Dubbo (via Sydney) by Sydney Motorbike Network for $550 (total distance ~900 kilometres). In 2014 I had my first motorcycle transported from Parramatta in Sydney to Dubbo for ~$350 (total distance ~400 kilometres) by the same company. Good service; both deliveries done spot-on time, bikes in perfect order. I know they deliver to VIC; the driver of the truck that delivered here last week said that was the truck's destination.
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  5. Bloody grass cutters
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  6. If it's a big bore bike I'll ride it to Vic for the cost of a Qantas (no other be airline) flight back to Sydney if you also drive me or pay the cab to Airport.
  7. I'm with the serious posters: pay someone to do it whose business it IS to do it...
  8. Paul Barry Motorcycle Transport has always looked after me. I've also run into him at a customs depot loading a couple of new bikes for the Ducati ASBK factory team, so I took that as a vote of confidence as well. ;)
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