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Transporting bikes from place to place

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by riderssan, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    It looks like i'm moving to Townsville for a few months for work and I don't think I really want to leave my beloved here for that time. What are people's thoughts on getting bikes moved from one city to another (without riding them) and the most cost effective.

    I've looked at getting it shipped on a train but apparently QR doesn't do that. So any stories/recommendation?

    Thanks in advance!

    Forgot to say i'm coming out of Brisbane - unfortunately I don't have the luxury of riding it up there or have access to a ute. Thanks again.
  2. Cost effective. DIY in the back of a ute or trailer.
    The are dedicated companies that do transport bikes, at a price. $$$
    But personally I'd ride it.
  3. Mate you don't say where you are ?

    Townsville from where ?
  4. I'm moving to Tasmania from NSW in two weeks. Last week I bought an old ute so I can take the bikes down on it. The removalists can do all the other stuff.
  5. Everyone is moving to Tasmania :(

    I bet it's coz of that stunning woman that rides an SP2 ;)
  6. My stunning woman rides a VFR400.
  7. ahh so you have heard of miss adventure... :wink:
  8. Trailer.You can get interstate 1 way rentals. Invest in 2 decent quality tie downs,tie in front wheel for extra measure,so if a tie down snaps or loosens,all it will do-worse case scenario,is fall over in the trailer.
    Make sure the tie downs dont touch the fairing and if they do,readjust the balance of the tie downs and wrap soft texture rags around that area.Lock the front wheel in a 45 degree angle into the corner of the trailer.Take up almost all,but not totally-(otherwise you can blow the fork seals),the suspension travel in the front forks,allow about 70mm approx for travel in your front forks.
    If you want to be extra ultra mega steroid cautious,2 more tie downs to either side of the rear of the bike.It aint going anywhere.I bet my left testical on it.Done this many aplenty times over hill,over dale.
    Loaded up a mates Suzuki Across few months ago in same setup,towed by my old subaru wagon :driver: who relocated from Melbourne to Darwin,going via dirt tracks aplenty up through central oz and Ayers rock,not a prob :-w
  9. free to a good home one bike shipping crate on the goldcoast. :(
  10. I moved my bike from Kalgoorlie to Perth last weekend. If I had to do it again, I'd want a ute instead of a trailer, as the trailer is limited to 100km/h, and in the heat I couldn't do more than 80-90 most of the way. That all depends on how far you're going, what you're pulling the trailer with and how hot it is though.

    Unfortunately, the ute wasn't an option for me, as all the rental places were a) booked out and b) charged per kilometer.

    Trailer has the advantage of sitting lower and having a ramp, so it's pretty easy to get the bike in and out.

    If the bike's not too heavy, you could get one of these: http://www.motorcyclecarrier.net/dirt_bike_carrier_information.html
    or similar.

    Moving a bike between eastern cities, it might be more cost effective to have it shipped by a motorcycle mover, but I couldn't find one who wanted to go out to Kalgoorlie anytime soon, and they all wanted more than the bike was worth to ship it.
  11. I'm getting my bike brought back from Townsville to Brisbane in a shipping container through a removal company. Not sure how much it would cost you as I work for the company so am getting it done at a discount. If you want details feel free to PM me. The company has a branch in Brisbane and Townsville and about 7 branches in NZ but if you're in a state other than QLD they can normally get an agent to pick it up.
  12. I had a bike carried to Townsville from NSW with www.bikesonly.com.au they were really good, delivered to my door, but they did cost $800.
    When are you looking at coming here?
    I wouldn't recomend riding here. The rain we've had has just destroyed the road it's going to be a good month or so before anything will be fixed.
  13. Hmmm, my trailer does 140 km/h no sweat, with the GTR on it! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. That would be about the fastest the A1 would go wouldn't it Andrew :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Oh I am bad, specially as they have more HP than the later models.
  15. Perhaps look at the option of buying a bike trailer and the sell it at destination. Means capital expense but if buy second hand at reasonable price it shouldnt cost you much, might even make money on it!

  16. I have an A5 Dave..remember, red is the fastest!

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. No need for a bike trailer, a box trailer will work just fine, and much easier to sell on, or even keep and use after the move.
    $400 will get a nice sceond hand one.

    Regards, Andrew.