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Transporting Bike Interstate

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by meshes, May 24, 2013.

  1. considering purchasing a second hand bike in another state. wondering about whats involved in transport, cost / risks etc? specifically WA to NSW.

    has anyone done this before and have any advice on reputable companies and the cost? im guessing $500-1000 or so.

    also, any things to be careful of when doing this?

  2. Dunno. I imagine WA to NSW is cheaper than NSW to WA.

    But, how much is an airfare Sydney to Perth?

    What kind of bike is it?

    I suspect there might be a few folk here, like myself, who are retired, and have the time and interest, that might be tempted to fly over and ride a nice bike back here.
  3. Other way round , it's usually cheaper to ship west than it is east in my experience
  4. sports bike. perth flights are pretty expensive, but you can get bargain ones occasionally. i dont want those miles on the bike tho, otherwise i would just fly over and ride it back over a week or so.
  5. Fly over, buy the bike, stick it on the train, shag all the Swedish tourists on the way back and ride it the last couple hundred ks with a big smile on your face.
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  6. thats actually kinda a genius idea.. pretty pricey tho, and a quick look at indian pacific / great southern rail sites etc and i can only find details about loading up cars, nothing about anything else tho.
  7. Might be some listed in the directory here but the directory seems a bit out of date.
  8. When I looked into it late last year, the Indian Pacific would only take cars and trailers. Motorbikes were acceptable only if they were transported tied down to a trailer.
  9. That's a bugger.
  10. I've had two BMW's sent to Darwin in the last two years. The K1200RS came from Canberra via Melbourne and Adelaide crated through Fergusson'd I think. About $1000. The K1600GT came via Bikes Only in a dedicated transporter for $800 from Bris Vegas. I couldn't have flown down and ridden back for that.

    Make sure your insurance company knows its in transit. Get someone to take a series of dated pictures before its transported so if worse happens you have a base to start with.
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  11. Bike transporters are generally very good. They have dedicated trucks for the job. Have had two bikes transported from Brissy to NSW with no problems.