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Transporting bike in Ute.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bullet21, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Hey all, im new here, but ive been floating around for a while. Great forum by the way.

    I just got my L's and have seen a few bike i like. The problem is They are pretty far from where ai live, at least half an hour drive. So i am not game enough to ride the bike homw, as ive never ridden on the road before.

    I have a extra cab rodeo ute, and was just wondering how i can tie the bike down in that and bring it home. I have no clue and couldnt find anything on google either. Also how do you put it in the ute to begin with, is there some sort of ramp?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. ive never put a bike in a ute, but its not hard to put one in a trailer, i found that for the $15 from my local servo for three hours and a plank of wood for the ramp i was able to run it up the ramp pretty easily. just gotta be ready to jump and stop the bike when its up. tie downs work well to hold the bike down. remember to compress the forks all the way if possible so the bike doesnt jump around. and a strap anywhere over the top of the bike past the seat wont do much. try to strap down the rear tyre if you can.
  3. telecom rope!
    its all i have ever used, got my 'blade home 800+kms without probs :)
    but....you need to know how to do the ol' double truckie knot ;)
  4. oh yeah i'll vouch for the truckie knot too
  5. oh yeah i'll vouch for the truckie knot too
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  7. I've done it when my clutch cable snapped. It's not hard, just get a few big mates to help.

    - Put the bike on a kerb or something raised so you don’t have far to lift and back up the ute.
    - 2 guys lift the front end up and in while the third steadies the bike. Watch the engine doesn’t hit the tailgate.
    - Lift the rear wheel up and she’s in
    - Put the front wheel in the front corner of the tray and put down the sidestand
    - Use those ratchet tie-downs or rope and truckies hitches to tie her in. I went from the frame to the side of the ute on each side plus that again because it’s better to be safe than sorry… and I got cheap ratchety thingos.
    - Drive her home, let your mates unload her while you steady the bike and then shout them all beers.

    This may not be the best or most elegant method but it worked for me.
  8. Get 4 ratchet straps. 1 on each of the front shocks, and another 2 to anchor the back (attack them depending on what bike you have).
    block the tyres against the exterior of the tray with wood so they dont move (i have a frame made but wood will do).
  9. Just do what I did for my first bike..

    Get the seller to ride it over. They can get someone to follow in a car.

    If it means a sale & $$ in their pocket, I doubt anyone would have a
    problem doing that for ya. :)
  10. aV19ypF0.

    Also I don't think a bike will fit in the back of an xtra cab will it??
  11. Get length of wood to use as a ramp.

    Buy 2 sets of tie down from bike shop.

    Roll bike into tray, if possible position diagonally, if not put it in straight with the tailgate down.

    Attach 2 tie downs around triple clamps at front and attach to a solid mount in the ute. Pull down really tight by pushing the bike from one side to the other.

    Attach 2 tie downs on rear of the bike (pillion pegs, grab rail, etc) and pull it down (not as tight as front).

    Very easy.