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Transporting a suit coat to work?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by frodg, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. To sum up, I have a problem: :nopity:
    My only mode of transport to work is my bike. I ride ATGATT and it is through lots of Sydney traffic ( about an hour each way).

    I have a new short term job and I have to have a suit available.

    I can transport the trousers in my top box but what do I do with the suit coat? 8-[ 8-[

    Suggestions welcome.

  2. Leave jacket at work?

    Gently fold jacket in top box too?

    Get diff job where no suit required (this is my personal fave)
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  3. wear it?

    or if you are full ATGATT, take the lining out of your jacket and wear it over your suit jacket.
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  4. plastic bag or potato sack

    public transport
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  5. I used to 'suit to work' but always leftthe jacket and [even today] leave the shoes and trousers at the office, then change and only thing I'd pack is shirt n tie rest is ATGATT.
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  6. I take mine in rucksack, nothing wrong with the crumpled look.
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  7. Get a locker at work & leave the work clothes there (inc. Shoes). I just take fresh socks, work shirt every day.
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  8. Now that's a good thought.... As long as the weather holds :)

    I'll consider this thanks

  9. Yeh - I have been crumpled for years so nobody should notice ....... \\:D/
  10. So the issue after a lot of feedback is how do I get the jacket to the office in the first instance.....?????

    Leaving at the office will be the answer..

    As a one off I could go the crumpled look and take it to a dry cleaners to get it smoothed out LOL
  11. Crumpled with helmet hair is what sets us apart from caged work mates :)
  12. Take it to work however, get dry cleaners to pick up & drop off at work. Sorted.
  13. If you put your suit jacket in a bag remember to roll not fold and put it at the top not underneath anything else.
  14. Tie it around your waist. Nothing says professional like a jacket tied around the waste.
  15. I could tie it on using my brand new, first ever work tie...

    I'm thinking of investing in a travel iron too.
    If I am going to wear the thing I might as well sell my plebeian soul and go all out :)
  16. Do like the backpackers do, and roll the coat, don't fold it.
    Then hang it at work for a half hour before putting it on.

    Should be no creases then.

    Then, leave it at work and change once a week.
    If all else fails, steam up the bathroom at work, and hang the jacket for a few minutes.
  17. Lightly roll suit jacket with hanger still in it into a large rucksack with nothing else in it, wont crumple much, have done this several times on pushbike.
  18. cut the sleeves off and wear it as a vest..
  19. My motto has always been to never miss an opportunity to wear one of these hideous things...

  20. Looks smart and professional!