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NSW Transporting a motorcycle

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by GeorgeO, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Hi there

    I have a few questions regarding the transportation of a motorcycle in or on a vehicle / ute. Maybe someone out there can help me since my meager Googling skills could not really find the answers I was looking for.

    1. If you transport a motorcycle on the back of a ute - must the tailgate be 'up' or can you have it flopped down?
    2. Can the back wheel protrude slightly out of the back? Obviously not that far since the wheel still has to contact the ute bin
    3. If the tailgate is down, and you add an additional auxiliary plate - would that be ok?
    4. If you have something like a Hyundai Imax - people mover - with the back seats removed, is it ok to transport a motorcycle inside? Or do you have to have the 'cargo fence' in place at the back of the drivers seat to make it legal?

    Ideally I'm aiming to have a family friendly 'van' where I can remove the back seats to load the bike.

    Any answers out there?

  2. It's just another load as far as I can see, whatever laws apply to carrying loads would apply to a bike I would imagine.
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  3. removing seats just for track days would be a PITA?
    do it in style.. take a couch too :)
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  4. I had a good look at the 'restraining of loads' rules /guidelines but they don't answer the questions I have. Don't want to end up buying something and then being in the wrong.

    That couch could come in mighty handy for a quick power nap between sessions 4 and 5 on a track day!
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  5. Buy a bike trailer. Or for price of the Brutale you want, maybe they can throw one in for free lol.
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  6. re: tailgate down, doesn't seem to be any rules, except for number plate being visible..
    there are products like this.. you could ask them about the legality http://www.readyramp.com.au/#overview-2

    re: overhang.. you can overhang pipes and shit by a few metres.. a few cm for tyres.. can't see it being an issue

    re: people mover.. there is the technicality of removing the seats it is registered with, ie supposed to have X seats, rather than being a seatless van..
    but some vans have removable or foldable seats standard.

    as said, bike trailer is likely easiest and cheapest
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  7. Trailer takes up space.

    I was planning on an Easy trailer but It's likely that I might have to get a second vehicle shortly . Then it's a choice of keeping either the bikes or trailer in the garage. Would not like to store the trailer outside. No chance of leaving the MV in the open!

    Some of the people movers (VW Caddy Max) have seats that can very easily be removed. Therefore exploring the options.
  8. It's the same as towing anything else, number plate and lights must not be blocked, if it overhangs by over a meter you must tie a flag at the furthest poking out point so other roadusers are aware of it and give you more space(ha, yeah right).
    I usually just tie a red cloth if I have anything overhang, but a bike will only poke out a tiny bit, if at all.

    Trailers are by far the easiest/cheapest thing, pretty much any car can tow a bike.
  9. Thanks for the ready ramp link oldcorollasoldcorollas - took a while to load but very interesting.
  10. Used to sail dinghies. A lot of us would use a box trailer rather than a boat trailer. Law in Vic for trailers was the rear overhang was that the length from the back of the load to the axle had to be less than the distance from the tow ball to the axle. Plus the see the plate & lights. I don't think a bit of tyre hanging over a Ute tailgate is going to get you in trouble. Not displaying the number plate with proper illumination might attract attention though. Use a hinged flap for the plate & light like on a box trailer rear flap.
  11. On the other hand if you are using it regularly a proper trailer is way easier. Getting bulky things up in utes & box trailers gets tiresome pretty quick. Especially at the end of a long day of fun when you are stuffed.
  12. We move dirt bikes in utes all the time.
    We pull the tailgate up as far as it will go against the rear tyre(s) of the bike(s) with a tie down strap.
    This allows the number plate to be seen and any gear in the tray to stay in the tray.