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transporting a bike from pommie land to australia

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by zxr400pom, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. how do all,

    my names andy, and im a 25yr old biker hailing from the grand ol pommie land that is, england!

    im lucky enough to be working, with my fiancee, in brisbane starting in september this year, and at some point i would to send over my trusty zxr400 as the lure of blazing hot sunny roads is too good to miss.

    trouble is, i havent the foggiest idea how to go about it? ive had one freight quote of £500 to export to brisbane port, a lot i know, but i am completely stuck on where to start.

    a few whispers ive heard in the pub say that my bike would be in quarentine for 40 days, however some fella trying to send over his cbx500 has met many walls from the au government, and wont allow him to send it over?

    i realise this may be a bizarre request but i would appreciate all help, however useless it may seem, ive no clue!

    http://www.zxrworld.co.uk/coppermine/displayimage.php?album=7&pos=2 if you fancy a peek at me, more importantly my crotch rocket then have a looksie!

    cheers all
  2. Go to www.horizonsunlimited.com

    They already have a thread in the Australia section about importing bikes into Oz.

    It's a pain in the arse mate.
    Was it me I'd just sell the bike in the UK and buy another here.

    We never got the ZXR 400 anyway, so you may be up shite creek for parts.
  3. jaqhama

    cheers for the lightning fast reply, ill check out that link fella!

    didnt think it was going to be easy, just had it a year and its a cracking little bike, would really really hate to get shut of it!

    would be my full uk car and bike licence be valid in au?

    forgive all my noobie questions, i am a pom after all :LOL:
  4. hey there..

    i think you're a brave one for biking in the UK ;)

    was there anything particularly unique about your bike that you wouldnt want to get another one down here? i suspect it would work out cheaper that way...
  5. hi androo

    madness, shear and utter madness. uk roads in brief lol!

    if it isnt the chav in a suped up nova, trying to undercut me, its the bumbling biddie trundling along at 17mph in a 30!
    bad drivers and bad weather, not a good combo!

    i love the zxr400 cos its a rare colour, black and met purple, plus the cheeky ram air at the front, which doesnt really do anything but looks the dogs!

    im only 5ft 7, weigh around 9stone (mr puniverse) and it handles like a dream!

    ok, maybe its only sentimental value, to get over it id have to get an r6 or gsxr6 to replace it!

    were comming over to work for a year, stay with friends/family for 4 weeks the out on our own, i have a good skilled job lined up for me via my uncle, and hope to saty which is why i really wanted my kwacker, but if it never got to oz, then as mentioned parts would be hard to get...mmmmmm i shall have some serious head scraching to do!

  6. Your licences for vehicles will be ok, but you will probably have to sit a computer and or written knowledge test.

    If your only in Oz for a finite period of time you can use the UK licences.

    I'm unsure if it's good for 12 months, used to be in NSW.
  7. I think to use the UK licence here for a year you would have to apply for a international licence (valid for 12 months), your UK licence will have to be valid for that time also, and you need to carry both with you.

    I know this is what my family has to do when they come over from Ireland.
  8. Opps, yes Holster is correct, I forgot about 12 month validity and the International Lic.
  9. actually, your english / international is valid for as long as you are not a permanent resident, once you become a permanent resident it is valid for 3 months then you have to swap to an aussie licence.

    having come over from the uk myself and looked into bringing a couple of my bikes with me, let me tell you now DONT BOTHER, the amount of red tape and government bullshit you have to go through to bring a bike over just makes it unrealistic, especially if you are only staying for a year (possibly more but not garenteed)

    i would advise you to store your bike with someone you can trust till you know if you are staying and purchase something over here (you can buy 400's over here but they are rare as they would be grey imports) and if you are staying then sell the 400 back in the uk, honestly, it just isnt worth the hassle to bring one over.

    but as the other guys have said, check it out for yourself
  10. If you want to bring your bike over here, you could try
    Dave Milligan..his company Get Routed, could prolly organise transport for you. Can't say much about his personality, but does great job with the bike.
    Not sure of his website, but u could try www.getrouted.com.au
    Get Routed is based in Australia.
    Good Luck!
  11. I've been shipping parts for the monster over from England. It's cheaper than anywhere else I can find 'em.
  12. Yeah but you don't have to register parts. Anywhoo, where are you getting your Duke parts from, in the land of the long grey whinge ? I am looking for a seat cowl, and I'll be bugger'd if I can find one over here.
  13. Andy, I am attaching a link to the customs site relating to importing vehicles and motorcycles into Australia http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=4371. If you are planning on moving here permanently you will need to follow the rules strictly, failure to do so will create a real problem for you down the track. Example, a friend of ours came out from England and brought his Duke out on a Carnet De Passages en Douanes, which you can do when you are travelling. He then decided to stay. The Carnet expired. He had to chose between exporting the bike out of the country (in his case he sent the bike to New Zealand) and paying the duty on it when it re-enters Australia, or having it impounded. You cannot sell a vehicle on a Carnet, as you do not have clear title in Australia to do so. The moral of the story do it properly for your situation and do it through a freight company that can assist you with paying the duty and clearing the bike into Australia.

    Good luck with it.
  14. You could try Gowanloch's http://www.ducati-gowanloch.com/ or Frank at Eurobrit http://www.eurobrit.com.au/ Frank can be expensive though. I have always found Gowanlochs to very very helpful and very prompt with delivery.
  15. Just responding to his post about maybe the lack of parts in Oz :)

    Getting them mainly from ebay, spareshack.co.uk sells them there. And a couple from http://www.spareshack.co.uk

    Ducati closed their warehouse in the USA, which makes ordering parts from bikebandit almost impossible.

    Spareshack also have an Aussie site, but it sucks.
  16. I know the boys from Gowanloch well :) They helped get the Monster registered, and helped me diagnose my recent electrical gremlins. And in about a months time will be doing the 10k service on my monster :)

    Their workshop is one of the coolest places in the world, all the old classic ducati's plus a hell of a lot of parts.

    For older ducati parts, they are great. For the newer stuff, they have to get it off NFI, and NFI really suck.
  17. how do,

    well, blimey! thanks to all each and everyone of yer for replying and clarifying this dodgy situation im in!

    upon refledtion, and over a cup of earl grey, i have decided to leave the crotch rocket under wraps in my pops garage, till i at least know if im staying for def (fingers X'D!)

    748girl, thanks for the link, very useful and just what i was after, as was the licence details!

    all i need to do know is pack sun factor 50+ (im as white a sheet, and dont tan, i merely reflect the sun!) and research what the hell a uuut is, or is it yewt?

    again, thanks for the freindly welcome and replies, will be a pleasure to ride in oz, and maybe so with some of you nice chaps and chapettes!

    take it easy
  18. That's UTE mate, utility vehicle, IE: a pick-up truck.

    I was born in the UK and I tan like you won't believe, a lot of Brits do. A lot of fair Aussies don't. LOL.

    Just do the sun gradually, first time 15 mins back and front. 20 mins two days later etc.
    Spend an hour in the hot sun and you'll be well sorry.
    Keep in touch when you get to Oz, bound to be someone who rides near you.
    Cheers: Jaq.
  19. If the bike was never sold in Australia, it means that Kawasaki never had to compliance the bike according to current ADR's (Australian design regularions) , now I have no knowledge about how this would effect motorcycles, but I know with private jap import cars, prior to being registed on Australian roads they must undergo extensive testing for emmissions regulations and safety (engeneers certificate) , in order to gain compliance prior to registration. This is big money also I might add. So once you have paid for shipping, quarantine, additional tax to land the bike in Australia, them you have all these aditional costs, one could argue that for the money you could buy a realy decent bike in Australia.
  20. Dont do it!

    I moved here from the UK 18 months ago and bought a car with me. The amount of hypocritical bullshit and engineering/compliance etc is crazy. Not to mention the import cost, duty, GST, then the GST on top of the shipping cost (which I already paid VAT on in England :shock: ) Plus all the customs hassle as well.

    I came out ok because I got to know the Engineer well which helped with costs and because my car is very rare and unusual over here it was worth it. It may be less work for a bike but I would just sell it and buy one over here.

    check out the trading post and bikesales for an idea of bike prices before you leave too.