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Transporting a bike from mount gambier to melb

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by random101, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Im sure this has been asked a million times but i have searched and cant find much.. (sorry)

    so i was just wondering what is the cheapest way of getting gsxr from mount gambier to melbourne ?

    are there any recommended transport companies?

  2. Damn shame you didn't post this 2 weeks ago...

    I could have picked it up for you free of charge

    I have family there and stopped in on the way back from picking my bike up from Adelaide.
  3. hmm ive had quotes from $270 from adelaide to melbourne depo

    and $520 door to door

    with two different companies
  4. From Mt Gambier to Melbourne if it's not a brand new bike I'd be riding it. It's around 450km?
  5. Really? Did you?

    I don't reckon you did.

    Had you have searched, you would have found 2 top banners that are specifically bike transport companies and had you have gone into the links directory on the left hand side of the page, you would have found, under services/transport, 14 providers to choose from.

    is just a generic default cop-out statement for lazy people. ;)
  6. ay dont get me wrong i am lazy

    but i found all the companies and called around just was wondering if anyone could have recommended anything. now i have moved onto Brisbane to melbourne and a quote for $260 which is awesome so yeahh

    oh anyone else interested best way would be get a V-line ticket for $25 and ride it back
  7. Where'd you get that quote from? I'm looking for Brisbane to Canberra, and the cheapest I've found so far is $460.
  8. $260 is extraordinarily cheap. I've found that, depending on the bike, it's better to get a crated service and inspect the crate when the bike is put in there to make sure the crate itself won't damage the bike. I've had no troubles with interstate crated services with even a removalist company. Then I tried a roll-on roll-off service with a specialised motorcycle transporter and the bike arrived with some reasonably extensive and quite expensive damage.
  9. Who did the transport? I'm looking at transporting as well and want to know who to avoid?
  10. Call MTL and speak to Calvin Ph : 9419 8400. They are great, reliable and very very cheap.
  11. Fergusson Racing/Transport.
  12. +1 brought a friends bike from QLD to Melb competitive price & bike arrived safe & sound!
  13. Did you get the bike yet random?