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Transportation Tips...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by OldNotBold, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. OK, moving Darwin to Canberra and 4 options -

    1) Fly back and ride down (Bike is a VTR 250).
    2) Give it to a transport company.
    3) Sell this one in Darwin, buy a new bike on arrival.
    4) Heaps of room in the sea container, so move it myself.

    By process of elimination, my thoughts are:

    1) Are you crazy?! If nothing else, option 2 would cost less after you consider airfare x 1 + fuel. (Not to mention 4 days on the road, and chiropractic bills!)

    2) Yeah, not bad - probably cost several hundred, based on what I've seen discussed here. Good option IF I can't do it myself. I reckon I can, with some tips from other Netriders. ;)

    3) Hmmm, I like my bike. I've looked after it. And buying / selling is always farting around. New job in Canberra = very little free time at present.

    4) Why not? Surely it can't be that complicated?!

    A search on this topic revealed some good tips, but kind of scattered around. Any experiences from other riders, "do's" or "don't do's" would be greatly appreciated. Just want to learn as much as I can from other blokes (or girls) before I put my second favourite asset potentially in harms way, from my ignorance!! :D

    Things like;
    Where on the bike to anchor to, where not to? (Triple trees - now I know what a triple tree is!)
    Drain fuel, what about other fluids (brake, coolant)?
    Common mistakes (front ties forward, rear ties backward?)
    And other stuff that you guys know, that I don't!!

    Thanks fellas.
  2. I can tell you a couple of horror stories about puting bikes on trains, one of them from personal experience.

    For the train, or the regular transport company, or the container, you'll have to empty the fuel tank, you'll most likely have to empty the battery. (Easier to removed and dispose of it and buy a new one when you pick the bike up.)

    Before you start doing that look up Motorcycle Transport Companies. They do exist and they do specialise and they do know what they're doing. What their service is like in & out of Darwin I don't know, but they do regular runs Bris - Syd - ACT - Melb ...

    Google Australian Motorcycle Transport Company. I got ten pages of results, and the stuff on page #1 looks very promising.
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  3. Option 5:
    Insure it comprehensively.
    Befriend local arsonist.
  4. Hire a van and drive it,or if you have a trailer you can tow it
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  5. IMO .. having travelled that road, it's a bloody long way to ride a 250, I would be considering the fuel range on the VTR and the distance between reliable fuel stops, that and the 130kmp speed limit means you could be wearing a roadtrain up your arse for some of the way.

    Would be something to write about though.

    We did the ride down to Tennant Creek back in the late 70's when NT had no speed restrictions and no helmet laws... was fun.

    My suggestion would be a dedicated motorcycle carrier or flog it and buy bigger when you get to Can'tberra
  6. If you have a container already it's a piece of cake.

    Go to a local dealer and ask them to give you a transport crate, usually a timber affair and it needn't be model or brand specific. Talk to them about tying it down - not rocket since but I'd recommend using axles rather than compressing suspension for such a long time.

    Loading the bike into the container may prove difficult if you don't have a forklift but 2 or 3 mates should be able to help you move it manually, I've seen it done. Crating it in the container is another idea.

    We've done this for a couple of years now from Sydney to Hidden Valley and shipped the bikes on general cargo.

    One last thing is that if it's a 250 worth a few grand it may not be worth the hassle of shipping and then reregistering it? Maybe the excuse you need to have a shop around?
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  7. Bike shops have heaps of shippers. Usually just a tin frame and cardboard now days.
    You could just use the base. The sides only hold the cardboard in place anyway.
    Put the base into the container and wheel the bike in. Take the front wheel off and use the axle through the base and forks to hold the bike upright.
    I'd still use a couple of tie downs off the bars to the base as well.
    Otherwise it will depend on tie down points. In a container ?
    Just bikes will ship it.
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  8. Thanks to all for the replies - some good info there... I must confess, I hadn't even got as far as considering range of the VTR (280-300kms?) and it could be a real issue if a headwind or whatever came into play. Riding it down is NOT an option I reckon! Towing is not really either, as I have a 20 year-old Hilux... (Those with a Hilux, or those who've sat behind one on the highway will know what I'm talking about!)

    I think I'll go talk to one of the local shops (d'uh - I can't believe I didn't think of that anyway) as suggested. Of course, they must get bikes shipped up here!

    Kneedragon, would love to hear some of your horror stories, as I am still also considering doing it myself... The sea container does have hold/tie down points along the inside walls. Ratchet straps from Bunnings, and some good chock work - am I kidding myself?? Serious question.

    Maybe I am too attached to the thing, and should just sell / buy again. Decisions, decisions, ha ha.

    Thanks again.
  9. Why are you still riding a 250? Sell it and get yourself a decent ride. You'll forget about your VTR quickly once you've had a taste. :)
  10. Surely a 90's model hilux can do at least 120 with a bike in the back? I'm tempted on this 1981 2.2 diesel hilux on ebay for $750 with "lots of" spares that no one seems to be interested in... As long as it can do 100 loaded up and not take 5 minutes to get there, I'm happy. Such a gorgeous ute... so close to where I live... such a pity I don't have a car license yet :'(
  11. If a english man on a postie bike can do it, I'm sure you could do it on a vtr250.
  12. Riding - you'll need 300km fuel range minimum to ride it, so take a 10litre jerry can spare as minimum if youre standard range is 280-300.
    Make sure your tyres/chain/sprockets/cables/oils/filter are up for 4000km trip.
    If you dont you will always wonder what it would have been like, but if youre driving down anyway, by the time you hit QLD you'll be glad you didnt.
    If youre driving the ute down, put the bike in the back, everything else in the container.
    Simplest is to container the bike as already suggested. I'd be thinking about selling the ute too and buying something else when you hit canberra. check prices in both places..

    Darwin - Canberra
    3,951 km - about 1 day 22 hours
    1. Head northeast on Knuckey St toward Austin Ln
    0.4 km
    2. Turn right onto McMinn St
    0.2 km
    3. Turn left onto Tiger Brennan Drive
    8.1 km
    4. Turn left onto Amy Johnson Ave
    1.5 km
    5. Turn right onto Stuart Hwy
    24.7 km
    6. Slight right to stay on Stuart Hwy
    930 km
    7. Turn left onto Barkly Hwy
    Entering Queensland

    635 km
    8. Turn left to stay on Barkly Hwy (signs for National Highway A2/National Route 83/Cloncurry/A6/Townsville)
    120 km
    9. Continue onto Flinders Hwy
    15.1 km
    10. Turn right onto Landsborough Hwy
    336 km
    11. Turn right to stay on Landsborough Hwy (signs for Longreach/Barcaldine/A2)
    Go through 2 roundabouts

    267 km
    12. Continue onto National Highway A2
    16.9 km
    13. Turn right onto Landsborough Hwy (signs for National Highway A2/Blackall)
    330 km
    14. Turn right onto Mitchell Hwy (signs for Charleville)
    276 km
    15. Turn left to stay on Mitchell Hwy (signs for Bourke/St George/A71/State Route 49/Ballon)
    Entering New South Wales

    249 km
    16. Turn left to stay on Mitchell Hwy
    5.5 km
    17. Turn left onto Mitchell St
    0.2 km
    18. Take the 1st right onto Tarcoon St
    0.7 km
    19. Turn left onto Mitchell Hwy
    202 km
    20. Turn left onto Moonagee St (signs for Dubbo)
    0.2 km
    21. Take the 1st right onto Nymagee St/National Route 32 (signs for Dubbo/Mitchell Highway)
    Continue to follow National Route 32

    126 km
    22. Turn left onto Derribong St
    0.5 km
    23. Slight right onto Alagalah St
    1.2 km
    24. Continue onto Peak Hill Rd
    0.9 km
    25. Continue onto Tomingley-Narromine Rd
    34.8 km
    26. Turn right onto Newell Hwy
    66.1 km
    27. Continue onto Clarinda St
    Go through 2 roundabouts

    2.6 km
    28. Turn right onto Eugowra Rd
    2.3 km
    29. Continue onto Parkes-Eugowra Rd
    31.9 km
    30. Turn left onto Eugowra-Forbes Rd
    5.5 km
    31. Turn right onto Nanima Rd
    22.6 km
    32. Turn right to stay on Nanima Rd
    1.8 km
    33. Turn left onto Lachlan Valley Way
    32.5 km
    34. Turn left onto Grenfell Rd/Mid Western Hwy/National Route 24 (signs for Cowra)
    5.4 km
    35. Turn right onto Lachlan Valley Way
    72.8 km
    36. Turn left onto Lachlan Valley Way/State Route 81 (signs for LACHLAN VALLEY WAY/Boorowa)
    Go through 1 roundabout

    46.5 km
    37. Turn left onto Hume Hwy/National Highway 31 (signs for Yass/Canberra)
    9.8 km
    38. Take the BARTON Hwy/National Highway 25 exit toward Yass/Canberra
    2.2 km
    39. Slight left onto Barton Hwy
    Go through 1 roundabout
    Entering Australian Capital Territory

    49.2 km
    40. Slight right onto Gungahlin Drive
    63 m
    41. Take the ramp to Belconnen/Woden
    0.6 km
    42. Merge onto Gungahlin Drive
    5.5 km
    43. Continue onto Caswell Drive
    1.9 km
    44. Take the ramp onto Parkes Way
    1.1 km
    45. Continue onto Tuggeranong Parkway
    3.4 km
    46. Take the COTTER Rd ramp to Weston Creek
    0.5 km
    47. Turn right onto Cotter Rd
    Go through 1 roundabout

    1.3 km
    48. Turn left onto Streeton Drive
    3.0 km
    49. Turn right onto Bangalay Cres
    Destination will be on the left

    82 m
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  13. if you have been riding for more then 12 months, then sell it.

    When you get to the ACT, hand your license in and get an ACT license, you will have no restrictions on bike choice as the ACT lams period is only 12 months after you get your P's.

    Then go to a dealership and buy a big bike.

    True facts im licensed in the ACT.