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Transportable Airconditioner

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dazza, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. I know a few weeks back someone was asking about portable air cons. I have one at work and its a ball tearer on those hot days.

    I have just installed a Quick Connect system (De Longhi QC135AU). Its basically like a split system but a self install type. It comes in a 1, 1.5 and a 2 HP models.

    The 1 and 1.5 models run direct of a 10 amp switch so no need of a sparkie (oops sorry shpuld not use the term sparkie as some people think it is denegrating :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ) and the 2HP needs a 15 amp and then the services of a sparkie.

    The diffrence I have noticed between this style and the conventional portable units, is it is much much quiter and more effective. The fan pushes the cold air around the room more effectively and drops the temp quicker.

    The price is around the 1500 mark so its a little more than a portable unit but way more beneficial in that the fridge effect comes on quicker :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: . The big bonus is that you dont need to put a hole in the wall. You simply run the gas leads etc out through the window and seal it all up. So when you relocate the unit simply goes with you. Just like a conventional split system you have the air con unit out side.

    It another option to the portable (oooh some people won't like letting people having options :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ). As I have both I would definetly go down this road only between the two. If your in the market for a unit alot of shops at the moment are not aware of these as they have just come onto the market so refer them to the brand code.

    Cheers :cool:
  2. they are definately worth it, I bought a dimplex one about 5 yrs ago (doesnt have the huge exhaust hose, but connected to an radiator exhaust unit whih i hang out the window)

    best $1500 i ever spent :)
  3. I've got the fix guys...

    A few weeks ago I bought a 'Mistral Portable Evaporative Cooler'

    Its about the size of a large heater, is on wheels and has a remote. You fill it up with water (it takes 11 litres) and there's a large tray which you can fill with ice. Blows out nice cool air :)

    It has an ocelating 3 speed wind setting, timer and will also act as a heater on reverse cycle.

    I'd be lost with out mine!

    Big W - $99 ;)
  4. I wouldn't mind one of those split system portables. The missus bought an Arlec portable aircondish earlier this year. On special in Kmart for $200.

    We used it in anger for the first time today. Set up in the bedroom and was running when I got home from work this morning. Kept the bedroom nice and cool. A bit noisy though. But with earplugs in it wasn't too bad.

    Certainly ideal for those renting who don't have that much spare cash.

    Anyway, have a Happy New Year. folks. Let's hope that 2006 gets off to a better start and that we're all here in 12 months time to talk about the new 2007 models and hopefully there won't be a need to discuss portable A/Cs.
  5. Duncank

    I bought one of those, different brand, many years ago and they are very good if you have a child with croup.

    They put out a fair bit of moisture into the air. You have to keep an eye on the water level.

    The one thing you must be absolutely certain off, is that in the off season you thoroughly clean them with disinfectant or white king or something because if a green slime forms you are in danger of spreading a disease I think is called Legionaires disease.

    Other than that I found them good but the rubber drive to the pump breaks occassionally.
  6. Ok thanks for the tip, btw how do you clean them? Mine does appear to have access to the compartment. Do you just pour the disenfectant/water solution down the water compartment? how do you get it out again?
  7. With the ones we had, you indid the screws holding the back panel. Watch for the hose from the pump to the top of the panel. The water gets pumped to the top and it then flters down through wood shavings to the bottom. The air being drawn through the wet fibers does the cooling.

    Once the panel is open I just siphon the water out or use the pump while it is disconnected. Siphon is easier. Mop up with cloth or whatever. Dry with paper towel.

    We used white king yrs ago but I suppose dettol or any other good disinfectant would be ok.

    When dry, put away but clean again before use. You could add disinfectant to water when starting again and leave it outside to pump through and then replace with clean water.

    Add a bit of lavender for fresh smell - nice.
  8. hmmm maybe technology has changed a bit...on this one it says to clean the filter every 20-30 days, but thats about it.
  9. i have an old one... it sucks balls.. so this sounds liek a good idea. i wish i coudl afford 1500$ on a refridgerated type.. or even a split system.. but i guess a 200$ water one will have to do. will start looking soon as new yrs is over and my money isnt wasted on so much fun stuff...
  10. Try the one I've got. Its $99 and does the trick for small rooms...I just have mine pointed at me on the couch or bed.
  11. thing with an evaporative cooler is that all it does is wet the air. if its already humid, it will just make things worse, better off with a fan. they dont actually cool the air at all, unless you use ice water in it and even then it only lasts a little while. much better off spending a few bucks more on a portable AC unit, deals direct have one for $400 atm, i'll probably get one of them soon cos my old one is giving me the shits :(
  12. mines blowing out cool air ;)
  13. its an illllllusion :LOL:

    seriously, the water will not really cool the air... a fan FEELS cooler because the wind is moving, but its not really cool air, just accelerated. its a little nicer than a fan on a dry hot day, but not much chop on a humid day and definately no match for an AC.
  14. well you get what you pay for I spose...

    For the $100 I paid its doing the job for me. I just pack it with ice and its making my life quite pleasant in this heat. :)
  15. better than a kick in the arse for sure, but i think of all the time i wasted with one of them and REALLY wish i had have lashed out the extra instead of maybe getting 2 xboxs :LOL:
  16. Only in the good ol US of A

    I read about a guy who had a big ride to do with his wife, she bitched about the heat so this is what he did.

    He got one of those styrfoam (Sp) boxes, you know the big white ones. He strapped it to his rear rack.
    He got an old fan off a car he had laying about.
    He got some clear tubing he had laying about.

    He cut a hole in the top and fitted the fan so it was blowing air inside, connected it to the bikes power.

    He somehow inserted the plastic tubing into the box and ran two lines out of it.

    He ran a simple switch to his bars to turn the fan on and off.

    He now filled the box with block ice, got settled onto the bike, stuffed the tubing up their jackets and switched the thing on.

    He posted he was cool as a cucumber all day.

    Go figure :LOL:
  17. it shouldnt be that hard to design an evaporative cooling system for bikes.. you've got all that air flow to help you out :p
  18. UPDATE

    OK we had the 42 yesterday and a few more ones prior.

    What can I say :shock: .......................

    \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ :applause: :applause: :applause:

    we did not think it would cool down the additional rooms, but damn it did :shock: .

    I am a person who hates, loathes and detests the heat. Give me the snow any day :grin: .

    The house has been like a fridge. It is cooling down a larger size (m2) than we expected. I just wish I had done this years ago. Yesterday was the big test for the unit and it walked it in. Was amazed how it was able to maintain such a low temp (good insulation helps). I ventured out a few times during the day and went running back in side :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: too return to the cold.

    Cheers :cool:
  19. The evaporative coolers aren't good for electronic equipment either. They'll vastly reduce the lifespan of any electrical device in the same room, and are particularly dangerous to computers. Just keep that one in mind!

    I'm thinking of a portable A/C... seem them about for about $400. Cheap air con, and I just need to plug it in and find a window for the exhaust. Pretty rare our house is hot enough that you need it though.
  20. I finished nightshift NYE morning. It was like an oven in the house (mean overnight temp as indicated on our instros at work said 24 degs, with the humididididity up around 40%.

    The missus had wheeled the Arlec portable A/C into the BR and fired it up. By the time I got home, room was beautiful. But it's noisy and makes a fair clunking noise when starting or stopping (refrig side, not air side). But with the airplugs in, it wasn't too bad. Got a solid 5 hours sleep.

    Not bad for $200, I reckon. Might get one of those dearer De Longhis for the lounge room.