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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OzzyDevil, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Hi I was just wanting to know is your motorbike your only means of transport..

    I'm asking coz I was going to buy a small car first then my motorbike.. Then that means 2 reg and to insurance and I am not sure.. As u know winter is coming up in a few months in Melbourne.. Would it be safe for a motorbike as your only means of transport through all seasons or would it best to have the small car too..


  2. normally no, but car currently has no rego as i'm broke
  3. I don't really want the car but if I need it then I should get both.. But Wang the bike first before the car lol my dad and mum said for get the bike and get the car..
  4. It's safe if you ride to the conditions. Have two bikes, never had a car. I don't even know how to drive or ride properly for that matter :)
  5. Get the bike. If you don't like it for transport then you'll need to get a bigger car or a ute to tow the thing to the track.

    If you just want something for city transport why not get a scooter?
  6. I really wanted the bike for going to work on week days or if I finish early going for the long trip if I wanted too.. But the bike I really wanted for long rides.. Now being single I want to explore the out skirts of Melbourne and beyond..
  7. I spent many years with a bike as my sole means of transport in a much less friendly climate than anything in Australia. It's not hard, although it is sometimes a bit inconvenient.
  8. Told like the truth.

    Requires some sacrifices to have a bike as sole transport.
    Dress appropriately, and the grief is a lot less.
    And you wont have six drunken mates throw up in your carwhen you are designated driver.
  9. Yeah I more looking to get the bike first and making that my sole transport so thanks guys for your help.. Better by some good rain gear then..
  10. rain hail or shine, have plastics ready for the wet stuff..
  11. safety is not the concern. poor driving conditions makes the vast majority of drivers take care on the roads.
    you will still get your minority idiots. but generally the traffic is much friendlier to ride in, when the weather is bad.

    in Melbourne, theres about a month a year when i really hate riding. say late june through early july. because you get sub zero on the way to work. and that's just too ****ing cold.
    i can't really justify the expense of owning a car for one month a year. but if i could i would.

    but that's also relevant to the distance i have to travel to work. if you live close to work, then the bike is of little benefit. by the time you've got all the gear on to survive the climate and then get it all of again when you arrive. would be just as quick to go by car.
    if a trip to work took more than say an hour in a car. then theres no way i'd do it by car. because the bike then has the advantage.

    a time efficient perspective is my motivation though, because conjestion in Melbourne is beyond ridiculous at peak times. a 40 minute trip by car can be 15 mins by bike. but if you've go the time to spare, then buy the car for it's comforts.
  12. will add, safety has 3 factors>

    1. you, don't be dangerous. not being expert at everything, means you are a danger to yourself.
    2. your machine. maintain it like you would a light aircraft. plus choice of tyres and suspension settings are seasonal.
    3. other traffic. though much can be done to manage it and insure against it, you can never truly eliminate all risk.
    much less likely to be involved in an accident on a bike if you know what you're doing, but still much more likely to get hurt if you are in an accident.
  13. It only takes 10 mins to get to work as it is but 2 reg it's going to be a killer lol