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Transport Sydney to Hobart

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jeepman, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I live in Hobart and I've just put down a deposit on a street triple that is located in Sydney.
    I'm flying up to inspect it and finalise the purchase next week.

    I need to decide whether to
    a)fly up and back then get the bike freighted to back to Hobart, or
    b) just fly up and ride it back home (including a cruse on across Bass straight).

    By my estimation the total cost of option B would be somewhere around $1000.
    I have no idea how much freight would be so I'm having difficulty deciding which way to go.

    So I'm hoping someone might be able to answer the following questions:
    1. How much should I expect to pay to freight the bike from Sydney to Hobart?
    2. What company should I contact to organise the freight?

    I've already requested quotes from "bikesonly" but I'm not sure I can wait for a response because I need to book flights quickly before they're all gone.
  2. fly up and ride it back - much more fun that way, and then less worrying about someone else handling your baby!
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    I just got a quote last week from one of the netrider partners to ship a cb400 from melbourne to sydney @ $395. Hobart is gonna be a fair whack more coz of the ferry I would suspect...
  5. Ride it. It's not like it's a sofa or something.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts so far.
    I just received my first quote from 'bikenut' - $835 inc Insurance & GST.
    Looks like 'option a' will be the most economical solution.

    I'd prefer to ride it myself but fitting that around work and family adds additional complexity and time pressure. Last thing I want is to be rushing things when I'm on a new bike.
  7. then why are you flying up?? :S
  8. I want to inspect the bike personally before committing to the purchase.
    I've got some frequent flyer points to use so this won't cost me much.
  9. There were about 50 boats that made that trip about 4 weeks ago, should have put it on one of them...
  10. I've freighted a car from Sydney to Hobart before, so DON'T DO IT! (My folks live in Glenorchy...)
    The salt air will get in everywhere, and you'll end up with rust you can't reach.Apart from that it'll get scratched somehow - wasn't a problem with my crappy old car, but a bike I loved...?
    I've also driven (not ridden, yet...) the route a cuppla times in both directions, and it shouldn't take more than 2 (long...) days including an overnight ferry trip.
  11. Here's a plan ..

    1. Wait till late Feb, fly to Sydney to buy bike.
    2. Ride bike to WSB at the Island
    3. Ride back to Spirit of Tassie and sail home..

    "sometimes ya just think outside the box"
  12. I've done this sort of thing many times - it will cost you far less than $1,000.

    Fly to Sydney (Jetstar) - $100
    Train from airport to view / collect bike - $20
    Ride to Melbourne - fuel cost $60
    Backpacker room for the night in Melbourne - $25
    Ferry fare for you - $75 for a day sailing
    Ferry fare for bike - $54
    Ride from Devonport to Hobart - fuel cost $20

    Total $354 or around 1/3rd of what you thought.
  13. Seriously? That doesn't sound good at all.
    I've received a cheaper quote now $688 door to door, so I'm still leaning in that direction. However if the rust problem is for real and I can move it myself for the kind of dollars farquar has suggested, I might change my mind.

    Thanks again for all the replies guys.
  14. I don't really see how a bike being transported will cop more salt than a bike being ridden. They'll both cross the Bass Strait on the same ferry.
  15. Fair point Pat - I drove my car to the Port Botany docks, then it was freighted direct to Hobart; I was imagining the same scenario for a bike...
    Shortly after the car arrived (from memory, it was about 3 days after I arrived by car and ferry...) I pulled the engine and replaced the rings - trust me, it got in...
  16. A car sitting on the docks for a couple of days, yes. However, the one time I've had a bike transported interstate it was securely cocooned in heavy duty shrink wrap, inside its own steel cradle/crate. Not much was going to get to it. Dunno if that's standard for all transporters though.

    I'd still do the ride, just for the hell of it :D.

  17. Take it, just make sure the company isnt a rort
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    i've used them before to transport my old vtr from adelaide to sydney. They were very good. Would use again for sure