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VIC Transport Minister Terry Mulder flags overhaul of speed limits

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by joetdm, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. From Herald Sun this evening.


  2. Issue of entrapment, strong words from an MP.

    Maybe we might get some thing done,
  3. lobby for green slip prices to go down!

  4. Wrong state wrong thread
  5. This one, pay attention to this one!!!
  6. I'm still trying to read and understand between the lines of this article....... :-k
  7. Gobboldygook for Dummies,

    He is a politition, Hahahahahaha
  8. Translation:
    "I'll tell you what you want to hear, however I will be conducting a review with the same bureaucrats that the previous mob worked with and in reality nothing will change but at least I said something that sounded good,"
  9. Key question, what is the over all plan?

    The game's the same, but the players are different. Our best chance is now.

  10. We have a winner,
  11. My translation: "We are open to offers."

    There's no reason for this government to visit this subject unless they think they are on to a possible vote winner. He's probing to see what kind of response he gets. If there are any changes at all, they will be small. But he's saying quite clearly that they might be 'up' instead of 'down'.

    This is hugely important for us. The road safety industry will hit back hard, so Mulder needs to left in no doubt that this is a vote-changer for a large number of people.
  12. Blood oath.
  13. This.

    Never trust politicians, nor let your guard down. Loyalty is as alien a concept to them as compassion towards lambs is to the wolf.
  14. Now we have a winner!
  15. 13 speed limit changes in one town - I read that as "We'll make them all 40"
  16. News bite on TV (ch9) specifically quoted the removal of some 40 zones, due to them being unfair to motorists.
  17. I'll reserve judgement on that. The Catholic School on the corner of Albion and Melville Roads will be a good test. They want a 40k speed limit in Melville Road which VIcRoads has so far refused as there are no entrances from the school onto Melville Road and there are lights at the intersection anyway.

    Why they want it - apparently someone crashed into the lights turning the corner in the early hours of the morning and therefore by some strange logic the kids are in danger during the day...

    I checked the Crashstats and found three crashes 2006 to 2010. One where someone pulled out of driveway in front of a motorcycle, the others involved cars turning at the intersection (no pedestrians).

    Evidence based!
  18. In the comments section following this story there are some doozys.

    "Peter" makes the absurd claim that there have never been any fatalities occuring from low speed crashes pretty well takes the cake.

    I suppose that he's never heard of hit-run pedestrian fatals, head on crashes, railway level intersection crashes, being t-boned at an intersection, running off the road (recent one near Orbost involved a single vehicle with 2 elderly people - that wouldn't have been related to speed, just the inability to judge a corner at night).

    And to think that these people are allowed to vote.
  19. FWIW I'm not overly fussed by 40 school zones, as long as they are only during appropriate school hours.

    40 local areas is another matter - these are more aligned with the 'private road' and 'gated community' concepts where the goal is less traffic for certain residents. In other words, "Drive through someone else's street or suburb".

    Lord Mayor Robert Doyle is right now responding to this issue on talkback. He was asked if he supported the push from Port Phillip Council for universal 40 limits throughout all metro areas. He backed away from it, towards something that is "universally understood, safe and fair". Without defining what it would be. Said there are too many random changes, too.

    The party has probably spoken to him. They are soft on the issue. Now is the time to voice opinion.