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Transport depot error.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by frickendevil, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. I recently completed my QRIDE course for my RE license, but when i went into queensland transport and handed over all my forms, they printed off my new license and when i got home i realised it was printed as R. Should i go back and get it changed, or should i treat it like i have my R license. Not complaining either way, but would there be a big legal problem if i was riding say an R1, had an accident (even if it wasnt my fault), would they pull up my qride reports and then say "hey he isnt supposed to have this license"?

  2. If it all hits the fan, and any one notices, you would get hit for riding unlicenced (Over your restrictions)
    If an insurance company noticed the discrepency they would not pay up (They will find any reason they can to not pay up)

    You would be taking a gamble and the ods would be against you
  3. nah go for mate! :wink:

    Oh welcome and happy angling.
  4. Well the only record that they have of me being a RE licensee is a piece of paper from qride. The qride office i went through destroys their information after 5 years, so really, how often does the transport department destroy their paper documents?