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Transport..Adelaide to Brisbane

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Ole Grizzly, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Anyone know of or has had any experience in getting a bike or scooter transported to Brisbane from Adelaide.

  2. I've done only once.

    I rode it!

    Seriously mate best bet is to check out the yellows or :google:

    good luck
  3. Yeah...I did similar Perth to Adelaide...talk about a numb bum :biker:
  4. Ole Grizzly, I worked in transport, and my advice would be to find a carrier that specializes in vehicles or sensitive freight. Anything else, and bike damage is a real possibility. I wouldn't of trusted my bike to the stoners I worked with...lol. Our interstate pallet rate was $300, express. Your bike might take up a crate twice that.
  5. Damn...riding sounds like a strong possibility..
  6. Hey Ole Grizzly,

    Give this place a go www.allwestmotorcyclecarriers.com.au/contact.htm they brought my bike to melb when i lived there from Sydney. I know that they go to Adelaide also. Ring the Interstate # and you should speak to a Lady by the Name of Jennine.
  7. I have no experience whatsoever but on my way back from the motogp a couple of years back, at a tailem bend service station someone (transporter) gave me a card that says:

    Fergusson's (with all the capital cities), Specialist Motorcycle transporters. Other printing: Fully insured, door to door pickup/delivery, competitive rates. Ph: 03 9743 1230. Mob: 0417541389. www.motorcycleexpress.com.au. Finally, 'NEW! Brisbane Metro - Sunshine Coast - Gold Coast.

    Hope you have a good experience if you decided to use the service.
  8. Yep, Fergussons are good. It is run by superbike champ Adam Fergusson and family.
  9. Pay my petrol and flight back and let me pick up friday arvo... got a lady to visit in adelaide :p
  10. Motorcycle Transport

    I used motorbike transport they were quite good & competitive. Got my bike in one piece thank goodness as I have heard some disaster stories.

    I tried bikenut, some Kiwi guy posing to be an Aussie, well priced and tried his other company transportmotorcycle but found out that he was the same guy and that he knew nothing about motorcycles and had never ridden them in his life, so much for being an expert with 30 years experience.

    Fergussons are good bunch, a couple of my mates in the club have used them but they are always busy doing race meetings,

    Allwest can be quite aggressive, don't know why, but they seem like the old rough and tough transport sort of guys,

    Bikes Only have got a really bad wrap, tell you the bike will be there in 3 days and it takes 3 weeks,

    Anyone else is not worth mentioning.

    As you can see, I really did my homework because my bike is valued at $45,000, yes, one helluva piece of Harley Davidson, and I wanted in good trusted hands,

    Best of luck.
  11. Check out the banners at the top of the page. There are 2 advertisers on there.

    The links directory is another good place top start ;)

    Oh, and stop posting everything in