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Transport a bike - what trailer?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Jin~Jah, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Hi Gents and Gentesses,

    Next week some time I'm probably picking up an unregistered bike from Blacktown (ish) and taking it home to North Ryde. I've thought about a few options of getting it home, and I'm very rapidly thinking a trailer will be the best bet.

    Some facts:
    - I am still on P's, and probably will be for a couple of months yet (just about to finish 12 months of reds, but i'm still 24, not quite 25)

    - the bike is non-lams

    - the bike is currently unregistered, and I don't intend to register it until October-ish

    - the weather has been really crap lately 8-[

    With that in mind, I could get an unregistered vehicle permit, and get someone else to ride it home, but would probably cost at least $130-$150ish once it was all done and dusted.

    I could chance it, and either ride it home myself, or get someone else to chance it, but it's a long way, and the penalties are quite severe, AND i think it's a really dumb idea anyway.

    I'm a bit slow, and only realised yesterday that you can hire bike trailers from kennards =D>
    Hire Duration
    4 hours $56.00
    24 Hours $68.00
    Weekly $205.00

    Another option is I can drive to Wollombi to pick up our 8x5 box trailer (with cage!) and use that to move the bike, but that doens't have any ramps, and i'm not sure how you'd actually go about tying down a bike in a box trailer, and I'm worried it would fall over or something, since its just a flat checkerplate floor

    Has anyone trailered bikes around before? got any thoughts or opinions on the situation?

    (I also found This Thread which looks good, and has already answered some questions!)

    any input is appreciated

  2. I'd be welding some good quality ubolts to the floor of your box trailer to use as ratchet tie downs, at least 4, adding a C channel to your trailer and using a nice thick beam of wood to use as a ramp (you can find them lying around at most major railway stations, i'm sure if you took one it wouldn't be missed). Checkerplate should do just fine to stop the tyres of the bike slipping.
  3. North Ryde to Wollombi and back and then the return trip again to return the trailer?

    Go the Kennards. You'll need a mate to help you load and unload the bike. You also need some tie-downs. Pretty cheap at Bunnings.