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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jay77, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Are there any bikes (NOT SCOOTERS) that are auto or semi auto in Australia.
    No toys, but big bikes where you could go away for a weekend etc

    I spoke to a Honda dealer last year and he said there were some models in Europe that were auto but I can't remember what they were.

    And for all of you that want to flame me for asking about bikes with autos, don't bother.
    The wife is wants her licence but doesn't want to be stuck on a scooter, but doesn't quite get 'clutch'

  2. An old Postie. No clutch but still gears. I doubt she'd like it.
    Seriously, no clutch = Scooter and you can get some seriously big Scooters now.
    IIRC Mick Doohan rides a Scooter and a Harley.
  3. Honda VRF1200 160BHP and available as an auto.
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  4. Also Honda NC700XD - too big for her on LAMS restrictions
    and Aprilia Mana 850 - also too big.
  5. Honda used to have the DN-01 which is described as a sports/cruiser with an automatic gearbox. This seems to have been dropped from the range but they do have a hybrid called the NC700 Integra. The blurb on Honda's site offers this info regarding the gearbox:
    Edit: On second glance, I can see she'd be stuck with LAMS for the time being so the postie might fit the bill ATM.
  6. Ty guys
    My wife will have to suck it up for the LAMS period on a scooter, but knowing there are options for her afterwards will make it easier to live with

    I've been trying to teach her clutch control on my bike, but my bike has to be one of the most non learner friendly bikes out lol
  7. Maybe a learners course on a manual might help. Different bike and often rels aren't the best to teach.
  8. The first to second gear change is just peachy ain't it?
  9. Please ensure you post in the right forum in future.
  10. Apologies, I thought I was in a different section
  11. I'm not having too much issues with it anymore
    There is a knack to it for sure
  12. I know there aren't many about, but a Gilera DNA at least looks like a wee motorbike, but works like a scooter.

    As for bigger bikes, if the wife's tastes run to H-Ds, there are kits available in the States to make them clutch-less, with a centrifugal clutch.

    Yamaha VJR1300 is/was available with some kind of centrifugal clutch.
  13. I absolutely love that you spoke to a Honda dealer about this and still needed to come on here and ask.... fcukin hilarious.

    as mentioned theres a couple/few honda models available, also maybe the aprilia...

    Another option is you can look at an auto-clutch like a "rekluse" which removes the need for a clutch and if foot movement is a concern you can get actuators for the gears to move them to the handlebar. I have a friend who's converted his R1200GS in this way.
  14. The Honda dealer mentioned European models which I didn't pay too must attention to as I'm not in Europe, hence why I asked the question on here.
    Plus it's more convenient to ask on here than to go to Honda dealer, as well as people may be able to suggest more than one manufacturer, whereas Honda rep probably wouldn't.
    I fail to see the humour

    Thank you for you suggestions though, but converting something is not something I'm not personally interested in.
    Simplicity is the key on this bike
  15. http://www.efmautoclutch.com/street.shtml
    Maybe something like the above with a little bit of research will open her options up? ( but i'd be paying for extra training first!)

    i only know about auto clutches from reading an article about a disabled supermoto racer who used a rekluse clutch.
  16. Interesting to hear about the kits for HD's.
    My wife would like to end up with something like a 883, but a conversion would have already had to be done.

    Still a long way off yet though .
    I might even get a win with her on the clutch
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    i find it funny cause honda sells automatic/semi automatic models here. ... that they would tell you they're european models just demonstrates how useless many dealers are.

    you could also check out a Honda DN-01 which they dont seem to sell anymore but might have been mentioned if you went to a dealer last year as i'd imagine they still had a few left..... they weren't very popular.
  18. Isnt the yamha fjr1300 a button push semi auto setup?
  19. I have to admit this particular dealership sucks a lot
    They are only 10 mins from my house but have travelled 40-60 mins to other dealerships to buy my bikes and accessories rather than go there.

    Ty for all replies, at least there are some options to look at now
  20. Interesting that the Honda dealer didn't appear to be aware of the DN-01.

    Or maybe it was so awful that even Honda have decided that it's better scrubbed from history ;).