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Transmission oil. CBR500R Honda

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by ViperAu, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. In dire need of Transmission oil. Camden location. CBR500R Honda. May have some with a mate but putting out the SOS incase

  2. Tranny oil. You're taking the piss, right?
  3. Oh that would be very interesting to see
  4. The bike's gearbox is lubricated by the same oil that lubricates the motor. What is the issue that made you assume you need transmission fluid?
  5. I don't think it has a seperate trans case,I know the crf250 did but not sure about their road bikes.
    nothing seems to come up on google about trans fluid.
  6. Any decent store should have some, usually near the left handed screwdrivers, long stands and sky hooks.
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  7. I haven't got a specific manual for the 500, but the CBR400R takes regular 10W40 motorcycle engine oil. There is no separate transmission in the 400, and I doubt there would be in the 500.

    Edit: Ok from the 2013 CBR500R Owner's Manual (which should be with the bike)
  8. There is no transmission oil for the CBR500.
  9. ViperAu, how did you go ?
  10. Probably wont come back due to the embarrassment.
  11. Why should he be embarrassed ? He reached out for HELP.. !
    We all make mistakes or pop out a Freudian slip etc at times..
    Hope he's okay and got attended to.
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  12. I want to know if he put transmission oil in his engine.
  13. I have to admit, I am just as curious.
  14. He's probably working on the bikes flux capacitor.
  15. Thanks to those who were legit concerned about a newbie fella to the Moto world. To those others that made fun no sweat next time u need help on the side of the road I will laugh and keep going ;)

    Also all good as I had a retard moment not knowing oil won't appear when bike is leaning on stand
  16. Tick it off your list, it's all part of the learning curve.
  17. Well, here's the thing. No matter how much we rag on each other only a complete douche would leave a fellow rider stranded like that ... or threaten to come and "confront" them in an armed capacity because they didn't like someone's style. Nobody said you have to be best mates, but only the lowest scum doesn't look out for a fellow rider on the road.

    Even in the worst rag-ing there's often something to be learnt on how to look after you bike or be a better rider, if you look for it.
  18. A learning experience then. Always worthwhile. (y) Don't take the ragging to heart, its all meant in friendly jest.
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  19. Yeah just banter. His/her question was answered.
  20. Lol is ok don't take anything to heart. I'm a truck driver