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Transition lens?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by eve, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. As i'm getting older my body is falling apart!!! - Have been told i need glasses!

    Was planning on getting transition lenses with my glasses but I wanted to know if anyone else had them and what did you think about them? Worth the buy?

    (or should i call up and cancel??)

    I'm worried they wont go dark enough (like on the add) or that they may be a little tinted in my office (some natural light)

    So - what do you think?
  2. I had a pair a long time ago, and they didn't get dark enough for me. But then again, my current prescription sunnies aren't really dark enough for me either, so you can't really win...

    I've heard that they are a lot better these days, so it might be worth giving them a shot. Are they much more expensive than normal lenses? If not, I'd say go for it simply because it is such a pain in the arse to carry regular glasses and sunnies around with you all the time. If you need to get some darker sunnies made up later you can still use the transitions for those times when it is not too bright, or when you are on your bike and you don't have anywhere to stash another pair of glasses.
  3. This was my experience 2-3 years ago. They're rubbish.

    Mabye new ones are better though?

  4. ive had many pairs and you are right on both counts.

    nothing beats some good sunnies for when its really bright, and indoors you might get annoyed with the slight tint that inevitably remains.

    that said, they are very convenient if you only want 1 pair of glasses.

    I ended up going with contact lenses and haven't looked back. I don't miss my transitions at all.
  5. I have had my first pair of transitions for two weeks. My observations are that they don't darken as quick as the ad, they don't go as dark as my standard sunnies. They will not go that dark in the car due to the inbuilt uv protection in the windows. They take a while to lighten when walking inside. They are great when riding my motorbike as they still go dark enough to ride without having to stop and put sunnies on.
  6. i got a set this year, purely for if i'm out riding during the day & know i'll still be out at night & don't want to take 2 sets of glasses.

    they work FINE in terms of being light enough. no probs, they're not completely clear but it helps with the insane amount of light in my office at work!

    no they don't go as dark as sunnies, and i might get a prescription pair one day, but for convenience they're fine.

    i wear mine riding in the day & they feel fine
  7. i believe the consensus was make sure you get ones that not only darken but polarize or seomthing like that?? Theres good and bad transitions, just like anything else
  8. I am not able to fit glasses on whilst wearing my helmet so I just went with contacts...but even they suck for when I want my vizor up as they dry out.

    I'm actually going to get laser surgery as the solution to my sight problems. Expensive as it is, I think it will be worth it.
  9. Investigated LASIK, Eve?

    No-one I know has any regrets.
    It is pricey though...
  10. don't want to LASIK unless your eye condition is stable. Chances are if this is just developing recently it isnt stable.

    As for price, these days its cheaper than shelling out for new frames every time you sit on them. (if your eyes are stable).
  11. They're ok, (been paying extra for transitions for years) but nothing beats a pair of prescription Polaroids. (And you save on not having to buy tinted visors too).
  12. Hello my furry friend

    not an option for me.

    Are you booked in??
  13. That's a bummer, chikita.

    Sorta, my eyes are worse than -8.25, so LASIK would only make them as good as -2.
    I've scheduled surgery for implanted contact lenses [which will cost more than my bike!], but it had to be put off to the 28th Jan due to the new style of lens getting accredited, etc.

    I was scheduled for the 10th December this year, but it seems I"ll have to wait 6 weeks longer to get drugged up and have my eyeballs slit open :(
  14. Thanks for that...eyeballs...slit....open....vomit.
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  16. Don't get transition lenses, you'll look like a prat when you walk inside from the sun. :wink:


    I went to the optical superstore a couple of years ago and bought a pair of prescription sunglasses as well as a normal pair.

    With basic extras, I paid a total of $150 for both.

    Plus I look handsome.
  17. My grandma had that done at the start of last year, exept she is was -13 and now a -2. And... ahem, they weren't really contact lenses, more like some dead guys corneas.

    I've had transitions for my last 3 pairs of glasses. Im happy with how dark they get, except now my eyes are kinda sensitive to strong uv light. Most of the time i don't notice the tint unless i take them off.
  18. Ktulu: Let me know how you go

    you must be stoked to get rid of glasses!!!!

    WHen my eyes are stronger i'll think about letting someone hack into them.

  19. Have had my transitions for about 12 months. They are OK I guess, but nothing beats a good set of prescription polarised sunnies.

    For riding, they don't get dark enough for my liking. Prefer to use either tinted and iridium visors (I have both to choose from). Just more convenient than carrying another pair of glasses with you.

    Transitions work best when in direct sunlight. In a cage, and even on a bike, this is not always the case. I may be wrong about this, but I think clear helmet visors may block out some UV rays, therefore reducing the effectiveness of transitions.
  20. Well I've had them for nearly 16 years, so I'm pretty used to them.
    It'll be nice not to have to juggle them with a helmet before and after every ride, though.

    I will be writing up a full story after they're done, of course!