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Transition from Dual Purpose Road/Trail to Sports Bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VCM, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. You Guys sick of my questions yet? :p

    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on something Ive been concerned about lately.
    When I first got my Learners ( 2 mths ago ), I was not sure what style of riding I'd be doing most. A few of my friends ride dirt bikes, so that basically influenced my decision to buy a dual purpose bike. My thoughts were with a dual purpose I could practice legally on the roads, then remove my mirrors etc, change tyres and go dirt riding when the situation arose. ( best of both worlds right? ).
    However ... I now am beginning to regret I didnt buy a sports bike from day one. I am enjoying road riding and am certain I would be doing alot more riding in traffic than I would ever be doing on dirt.
    My concern is this... a few people have said that riding a road/trail like my SL230, and a sports bike like a CBR250RR etc .. is SO different. I am worried that when I decide to buy something like a CBR600F in a cpl of years, I may have trouble adapting due to being conditioned to ride my road/trail.
    Has anyone gone from riding a road/trail to a sports? Is it really THAT much different? Is it harder to adapt?

    I apologise in advance if this question seems 'stupid' to anyone :?
  2. What about a motard? You are comfortable with your trail bike, why not just up the ante and move to a full blown street tard. You can still do your occasional dirt, and 60hp in a 115kg frame is plenty of fun on the road. Worth a thought. :)

    By the way, lot's of guys ride dual sport bikes and motards "road-race" style anyway. You can certainly get the hang of sports bike technique with your current bike + decent tyres, then move to the sports bike.

    Mate of mine who started on plastic bikes and moved to a 450EXC.
  3. I went the other way - from riding sportsbikes to a dual sport (see sig.)

    Now, I still have (and ride) both bikes. There are a couple of things that change between them, and if i've not ridden one for a while it takes some time and km before it comes back, but it does come back. You get used to the heavier steering and the higher lower back work on the sportsbikes over time, and pretty soon it will become second nature.

    If the sporty model will be your only bike, it will happen relatively quickly. If you keep both, it'll be like swapping between left and right hand drive cars, cars with indicators on different sides, bmw and everyone else in the world style bike indicators etc - it is just something you get used to and is not worth worrying about.