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Transformers: A Ktulu movie review

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Well dearies, it's true - I just returned from the formal and paid-for viewing of TRANSFORMERS at Greater Union cinemas, Castle Hill.


    If you haven't seen it yet, I will only recommend that you rectify this problem immediately, and refrain from reading any more of this post, lest it spoil some of the experience for you.

    Straight up: the movie is super duper mega shiny kickin-rad f*&^off face-stabbingly awesome, to the Nth degree, times infinity to the power of 8 + yo momma's pyjamas.

    Not even on-topic pictures can hope to express the happy fun joy joy feelings this movie will create in anyone who is a fan of the cartoon series:

    Speaking with the benefit of hindsight, I can safely say I would not miss either testicle - were that the price for viewing even 15 minutes of this movie.
    Whilst, indeed, some history wasn't strictly adhered to in the plot line with regard to motives, and specific vehicle identity - the film most importantly didn't suck, and is a worthy offering on it's lonesome.
    Far from disappointing hard-core fans, it was incredible to hear Optimus Prime's voice as they brought on-board the same voice actor for him that did the original cartoon series; Peter Cullen.

    He even says "Roll out"!

    ...I came a little.

    Iron Hide retains his prickly personality and an attitude that'd make Charleton Heston proud, and Megatron is evil. It smacked of wicked nostalgia, made better by imagination, technology and money.

    Although the special effects were superb [old school 'transforming' noise updated and utilised for the first transformation we see, but neglected after that... pity :(], the plot worked, and the characters lovable; for an action flick I was most impressed by the humour in the movie - not always easy to do without making things, well... a bit gay ^_^

    So hats off to Michael Bay for leaving a small but dense, and very important portion of my childhood, intact and un-raped

    I honestly don't want to write too much about it - everyone should see it and appreciate it for themselves... and if you also have already seen it, then go see it again.
    Go prepared! Take your favourite lollies/go to Gold Class or something, and make it the great movie experience it deserves to be.

    ^This is the commandment I give unto thee

    There are some among you who know


    what I'm talking about...


    Edit Oh, and you get to see an Aprilia [I thnk RSV1000] chucked down the road :grin:

  2. the only flaw in the movie !

    Why can't hollywood get the Aprilia 60deg V-twin sound right !!! . . . sounded like a NSR150 ! :eek:
  3. Ktulu, I agree with your review totally! But I think the movie is so hot that it will not require any lube for at least the next few hours after being exposed to it ;)
  4. I just got back in.

    I spent half the movie braying with laughter at the cheesy dialogue and the other half punching the air and cheering in sheer exuberance. None of this "hide the monster" shit, it was all badass, all the time from about 3 minutes into the film.

    THIS, motherf*ckers, is how a blockbuster oughtta make you feel. And it's the first movie I've sat in thinking "oh my f*cking GOD" since Terminator 2.

    I was gonna write something really long but Ktulu ya nailed it buddy, this is one to see again and again with noisy, boggle-eyed friends.

    Find somebody who hasn't seen it and take them to it again so you can go "f*cken wat for the next bit! and the next bit!"

    Oh, and the whole packed cinema shouted along with the last "more than meets the eye" cheeseball. That was a bit of a moment! Haha!
  5. Because people don't expect a sportsbike to sound like anything else but like a MotoGP bike.

    While it couldn't really be any better...it could've been a arseload worse.

    I want to fcuk my girlfriend on the bonnet of a Transformer.
  6. I booked tickets for myself & 5 mates, and we off to see it tonight. After reading above posts, I can't wait.
  7. Your so right Loz, Transformers is one of those blockbuster movies you walk out of the cinema feeling so satisfied ! Last time i felt this way was after seeing Gladiator and Snakes On The Plane ! :LOL:

    It had a good mix of humour, action and the human emotions element without being too soppy.

    Notice the tribute to the original Bumblebee . . . the yellow Vee-Dub at the car yard at the start !

    Typical of hollywood movies, whenever there is an action scene, the black guy always dies ! :LOL: . . poor Jazz !

    And you can never get enough of "your-mama" & kick-your ass ***** jokes !

    Whats the go with that blonde aussie chic ?

    How about the reference to the movie Armageddon !

    Anyone notice the yellow Monaro that gets blown up.

    Wasn't Soundwave a wanker !

    All the movie needed was Samuel L Jackson to really put the icing on the cake with the amount of classic one liners.

    And the Paki call centre dude !!

    Man, this movie had everything !!!!!

    And how about Jessica Beil in the movie preview !! . . . . mate, she is a whole lot of woman !!, forget the waifs and Keira Knightlys . . . . give me a full bodied woman any day !!!!! :grin:
  8. I am taking my 8 year old son to see this for his birthday, I don't who will enjoy it more me or him! :cool:
  9. I went and seen it yesterday and had to change my pants when I got home.

    should of taken some tissues.
  10. Thanks Ktulu, great post :grin:
  11. Went and saw it last night - and god damn! - that was an awesome movie! Everything I had hoped it would be :grin: Excellent action, edge of the seat excitement, and damn funny in places too!

    "That's gonna rust..." :LOL:

    Go see it!!!
  12. #12 carri27, Jun 30, 2007
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    thanks for the encouragement and giggles. great reviews k, loz et al. haven't been yet - saving it as reward for getting through the upcoming week of work :? :LOL:

    did get a laugh out of this though 0_T-RGXKGS8[/media]]smosh - transformers rap
  13. Just saw it last night, man the movie is AWESOME!!!

    There was cheering before the movie start, there was cheering during the movie, and then there was cheering & a standing ovation at the end of the movie. Not bad considering we were in a 200odd person GMax cinema.

    I will go & see it again & again & again. Friggin AWESOME.

    Ktulu - your right about the lube, it is that good!! :LOL:
  14. im a massive fan of the transformers (all the old stuff, not the gay beastwars and the like. the REAL transformers) but im not going to see the movie till tomorrow afternoon, it was the only time i could get in to gold class to se it lol.
    ive read reviews, sen every preiew available world wide, and seen shorts and sound bites out of the movie.. i'll still be taking a box of tissues and a change of underwear.

    glad to hear you guys enjoyed it. its the fans i want to hear from, as they are the most critical.
  15. Ktulu, I didn't read any more after yoru warning as I will be taking #1 son along to see it this school holidays. Thanks for the positive heads up :grin:
  16. Great stuff. Took the girls to see it this afternoon and loved it. :)
  17. okay, im back. and impressed. some of the characters were different from the G1 cartoons, and in reality they only really developed a few of the robot personalities, but, watch the first couple of cartoon episodes and you dont really get an idea of who is what either. we have the advantage of 11 series of G1 and got to know them throughout. this is the first movie of 3 to be made. all in all i was freakin stoked, and really impressed with it. i had no drama following what was going on, a couple of the characters were hard to place during the final fight scene.. but all in all, i think they did an awesome job and in no way detract from my love of the orginal series. im going again on tuesday :D
  18. Saw it this arvo and it was FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

    Ktulu, the only part you didn't mention was the copious amounts of talent in the movie!! Even Australia is represented, god bless her!
  19. !

    We are just back from seeing it and absolutely loved it!!!!! I want the cop car!!! My only criticism (if you'd call it that) was that the figures moved and changed too fast. I was a Transformers kid, though I was never the owner of a car. My sister and I were given the dinosaur Transformers. We'll be seeing it again!
  20. Re: !

    I'm sure Grimlock will transform only as quickly as he damn-well pleases [if we get Dinobots in the next moofie] :grin: