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Transferring rego from NSW to VIC

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by say_wat, May 13, 2007.

  1. Do i have to 're register' my car/bike as if its a new rego - and in turn pay all those stupid extra stamp duty fees etc - or are there any dispensations (short of driving to wodonga and getting a NSW pink slip)?

  2. Thanks dear :)
  3. Just my 20c, I just bought a bike with NSW reg last month, and to get it registered in Vic, I needed a Vic RWC (even though it had NSW pink slip) and I paid stamp duty/Vicroads inspection/etc/etc - totalled ~$600 :(
  4. if you've paid stamp duty in one state, you don't pay it again in a different state. Everything else associated with registration is on a per state basis.
  5. When I transferred the fourby, i had to pay nothing... Because it was registered in NSW, they didn't even want to look at the car. (Might have been $10 or something like that)
  6. are you sure your vehicle is REALLY registered? The insurance systems are different for nsw and vic, and registration is by state system - at the very least you have a registration fee and a new plate fee (both of which add up to more than $10)