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NSW Transferring ownership of unreg bikes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. I'm planning to make the acquisition of a motorcycle thingimabob that hasn't moved in quite some while. I'm making it mine for free, and so I'm just wondering if there is any type of paperwork RTA require before I can reregister it and in my name?

  2. Does the bike need to be in my name (on RTA records) before I can purchase [ctp]?
  3. You need whatever the rta site says.

    We can tell you anything but when you go to rta, what do you think is going to lend more weight

    "VC on netrider told me only to bring his in"
    "i bought what is required according to your website in"?

    Even if i told you what worked for me, the rules may have changed, so the rta website should be what you go off.
  4. Sorry, worded the question really badly. Wondering if I need to put the car into my name before I can get ctp and register it. Ie, does it require one trip to rta or two? I'm asking anyone with experience in this, not just you VC. And no, the rms page doesn't seem to cover it too well.
  5. I had to register an unregistered bike last year. It was;
    - blue slip
    - green slip
    - RTA w/reciept from previous owner
    - happy times
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