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NSW Transfering reg from Qld

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by rat man407, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Looking at picking up a another bike but it is Rego'd in QLD if i get it how do i go about changing it over to NSW

  2. You don't "change/transfer" it. It's treated as a new or expired Registration.

    Procedure is to get a Blue Slip (whatever they are called now), CTP and front at RMS with proof of sale including receipt with how much you paid for it (for Stamp Duty). Also the old Qld plates. RMS will take them (or they did when I did the same).
    They *can* ask for it to go through one of their inspections if you are unlucky.
  3. it an old second hand shitter so there will not be a receipt and do there give you a new set of plates stright away or do you have to wait?
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    You need some sort of proof of registration entitlement. List of what you can use is here: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/getnewrego/proofofentitlement.html

    You get the new plates there on the spot if it all goes through. Last time I had personalised and had them sitting at the RMS to pick up when I did it.

    Added: If it came with QLd rego did the last owner sign the disposal form? That might be enough. Not sure atm if that form shows purchase price.
  5. yeah it still has 6 months of QLD rego on it and i make sure he signs it if/when i get it
  6. Could i get it regoed in QLD in my name even if i don't have a QLD licence but i have a QLD adress ?
  7. Not sure. I know some around here do (I'm just Sth of the Border) but some get caught out. I know of one guy who did. It's supposed to be registered "where it is usually garaged". Am not sure if you need a Qld license as well as an address though.

    It really isn't that much of a hassle to get NSW Rego.
    When you get the bike take a typed Bill of Sale and ask him to sign it. Include price and addresses on it. That along with the disposal/transfer form will do it.

    Just watch out with the existing Qld Rego because when he submits the transfer form it might then be then invalid.
  8. wrong button. ignore
  9. You will probably have to go through the NSW inspection thing but I will leave that alone as I don't know much about that.

    I bought mine in Bendigo and had the owner sign the transfer of registration etc over to me.

    When I got back home to SA I went to our local rego office who wanted an ID check on the bike. That was done, paid the money for the SA registration and got the new plates. All done within the two week notification period for change of ownership.

    I also had to fill out a form to return the plates back to Vic and cancel the registration. A few weeks later a cheque in the mail.
  10. the thing it will be QLD most of the time as i work a 21:7 roster DIDO out the back of roma but my home is still in nsw down near Byron bay so it would proably be easyer to get it regod in QLD i think
  11. Might be. Check with Qld Transport regarding what they need to do a transfer. I think you need something like an electricity bill or rates notice or similar in your name with a Qld address.
  12. bank account? because i don't pay any bills out here it nice don't pay bills don't cook don't even clean
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    Maybe. You'd need to check with Qld Transport.
    There is info at: http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/registration/transferring-registration.aspx

    They mention:
    They might accept otherwise but I'd check first.
    Note that if you go the Qld way then the transfer should show the Qld address. Seller also needs to supply the Inspection Certificate. That requirement is in the Transfer form - http://www.support.transport.qld.gov.au/qt/formsdat.nsf/forms/QF3520/$file/F3520_es.pdf. It should actually be attached to the vehicle from the moment it is for sale but most just get one after they know they have sold it.

    Seriously, there is nearly as much schit for a Qld transfer as for a new NSW rego. Both will need a price for stamp duty. They *might* just hit you with a figure if you don't supply proof of one. Main difference is for NSW you get the Blue Slip. Blue Slips for a bike are a piece of cake. I took mine to a guy at Tweed Heads and it cost like $35. I had no hot box on the exhaust.
    Other difference is Qld you won't need annual inspections but those are nothing in NSW for a Bike.
  14. yeah i guess what bloke you use at tweed i normal just got to lismore or murwillmubah for any of my bike stuff
  15. You will have the transfer papers when he sells it to you. Just make sure he goes down to the RTA and gets them all.
    You might want to change your license to QLD as well. That will bring you undone and you will get a fine one way or the other.
    But it is based on where you live now. What's your home and bank address, credit card address.
    QLD doesn't have yearly check ups on cars or bikes. I like that haha.
  16. the only reason i don't want to change everything over to QLD is because of all my guns up here there is nowhere i can put them so there would have to stay in NSW and all my stuff is adressed to mum place where i live in NSW