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NSW Transfer of Registration Process

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Thomas, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Hey all, just after a bit of advice when transferring the registration of a bike you recently bought.

    Is it the same process as transferring the registration in a car where the seller submits a "Notice of Disposal" to the RTA and they sign the "Transfer of Registration" part [which is given to the buyer] on the certificate of registration?

    Other than what I have mentioned, are there any other documents that need to be obtained from the seller in order to successfully transfer the registration of the bike into my name?

  2. Yep, same process as for car.
  3. Thanks for confirming that.

    I've transferred the registration of a car before and if it's the same process which applies to a bike, than shouldn't be too many dramas.
  4. I gotta quick/nobbie question to ask. I just purchased a bike of a friend and we both signed the transfer papers/rego etc. I had a quick read over of it to check that we completed everything correctly (siging over).

    But when i got the bike home, i re-read the transfer papers/rego and i realised that the dates where dated from the year before. As in the payment date was one year ago and the rego expiry date is from last year.

    But the bike in fact has rego till the end of july. So my question is that, would i still be able to go to the RTA and get the transfer done properly? Or would i have to get the current rego paper? (Not sure if he still has it, may have lost it) Btw it still has the same number plate.

  5. Ive used expired papers myself a few years ago when working at a caryard and all went well at the RTA - they just looked the vehicle up on the computer system anyway and it all went ahead fine (YMMV, this was under a dealers licence)

    If they jack up,get your mate to handwrite a receipt listing the bikes details (eg date,price,km's etc) and this will be fine, else pay the RTA around 10bucks to reprint current rego papers but I think your old ones will be fine mate