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transfer a googlemap trip to your tomtom

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by oohsam, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. whatup yall.
    Just bought a tomtom for the bike...didnt get the tomtom rider, price tag was a bit too much.
    Got a tomtom 'One' third edition with a ram mount for my bike.

    I got it so I could plan trips and let the tomtom guide my way (and the boys following).....lots of research was heavily involved as with everything I purchase.

    One thing I do is always check myroute on google maps before I go, and there is not much info on getting your trip from google maps to tomtom till i found a site that converts it for you.

    Here is the link
    Instruction are very easy, and as long as you have a tomtom that has the "Itenery planner" option you can save the trip to your tomtom. (if yours doesnt, you may be able to get it turned on by a bit of a software hack that i can advise you how to do)

    Im in the process of writing some code that will convert the trip for you at the click of a button and send it to your tomtom automatically so no cutting and pasting is required...

    Just thought I'd share this. Its a life saver for me...and very convinent.

    mods - feel free to move this post as you see fit.

  2. Isn't it amazing that we live in a day and age where the phrase "transfer a googlemap trip to your tomtom" is a completely normal and reasonable thing to say.

    I'm just sayin'...
  3. Maps, GPS, and directions are for losers.
  4. Here's something better for you:


    It's a freeware application called Tyre developed by a motorcyclist...and it integrates your Tomtom and Google maps really well....better than that converter link ;)
  5. hahaha....

    When you have 30 riders behind you on a big ride, and you take a wrong turn and they all have to do a U turn along a highway its not the easiest thing to co-ordinate, or when you go up a road and find out its dirt 10kms later...then you're in trouble.

    Its all about havin a good time and getting home safe. this is just an aid to riding. As is a tinted visor or a jacket with vents in it. If it can make your riding exprience just that little bit more enjoyable then its a good thing.

    Sorry im not hardcore enough to wing every ride. ;)

    Gimmie a call when you get lost hey...I'll give you co-ordinates.. :p
  6. Thats awsome ! thanks..wish they had a mac version.
    All good, I'll use it on my virtual machine.
  7. This program (Tyre) worked perfectly..
    Excellent find
  8. Nor is 13 trucks, with trailers and 4 utes following you ;)

    I dont think i'll be needing your number ;)