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Transdermal mics on a bike, anyone tried?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by LineNoise, May 23, 2005.

  1. Was just wondering if anyone had used a transdermal microphone on a motorcycle?

    I've just spent the morning in an INCREDIBLY noisy factory and they handed us a pair of earmuffs with a headphone jack in the side, a reciever and a little microphone that actually clipped onto your neck with the mic resting on your voicebox. Now being the gadget nut I am my first question was "How do these work?" Turns out they pick up the vibration off of your voicebox rather then outside noise so we were walking around the factory and able to talk with ZERO background noise coming over the mics. Interestingly I realised you could sort of talk "silently" and they still worked.

    Got me thinking that if these things would work on a motorcycle they would be PERFECT. No wind noise, no muffling, just voice. Was wondering if anyone had tried one as the vibration on the bike would have the potential to play hell with them. If they were smart or focused enough though they'd pretty much be the ultimate solution.

  2. I've used the things before. They're great. They were actually developed for military purposes. Never tried while on the bike though, prob cos none of my mates have one. It comes in handy with the VOX mode as well. Dunno bout the blocking off one or two ears just for that, I like to use 'em to hear cars sneaking up on me. :p
  3. On a post I saw recently, cant remember where, a company in NZ was marketing that type for bikes.

    You use a uhf transmitter with one of those throat mikes and they say the sound is good.

    Sorry cant remember where I saw it, someone else may help.

  4. Yep Thats the one I saw.

    Bit pricy for me but I dont need one at the moment.

  5. Damn that ones expensive! The one I got was only about $30. Worked fine. Can't remember where I got it from though. I know I bought it online though.
  6. Thats where I got it from! Cheers. Except mine was a single mic version. Cheap as buggery.