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Transalp twin or KLR single for touring??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by samagi, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. I am looking for a bike for touring but due to a gaping chasm in the market for what used to be called "road-trail" I've only found two bikes that have at least some fairing and decent size fuel tank that don't require an ice-pick and o2 cylinder to get on, or need for me to start taking steroids to hold it up! (Yes.. I am a woosie).

    Has anyone had any experience with the Hoonda XL650V Transalp or Kwaka KLR650 (restricted or unrestricted)? I'm a little wary of the single cylinder due to the 'low to mid-range' power - does this mean it gets a little rough and majorly increased fuel consumption at higher speeds? I'd appreciate any opinions (good or bad) that anyone has - Cheers :grin:
  2. What about the Suzuki DL650 and the BMW 650GS?
  3. Agree both good bikes, but if buying second hand, the OP's choices offer better value.

    Plus the DL (and non Dakar GS's) only have 19" front wheel which also push towards well grooved dirt

    Owned an 04 KLR, also rode the latest model, and IMHO only a slight improvement. KLR doesn't do anything particularly well, there's better trail bikes, DR, and the FI GS will give better economy and hold its value. Will benefit from bigger front sprocket for economy and all bar the most challenging trails.

    Ridden with a few TransAlps - and seen some cheap second hand ones. They go well and would be my choice unless doing rocky fire trails every few rides.

    Shame fuel range is a priority for you, as KLE 500 is also a nice bike and cheaper than TransAlp
  4. I was also thinking of the KLE500 too.
  5. How much is touring and how much off road - also how hardcore would offroad sections be?
  6. I have had the first incarnation of T/A and can say that it is bulletproof, they regularly see 100,000km+ if looked after, plenty of torque, and will run all day on dirt. A better off roader than the KLR, and they can be had near new for not alot of coin. The V-2 is a great motor.
  7. Don't know if your budget will stretch to this, (or you can wait that long) but BMW's F800GS is already on the way, and Triumph have all but confirmed a 675 Tiger Cub with a dual-sport option.

    Of the two you've mentioned, I've only ridden the Transalp. That was on appalling roads in Asia and it did a fantastic job. I reckon I could live with it on a big trip.
  8. Depends on your defintion of "off road" :wink:

    Smooth dirt, more than likley, anything rougher, and you want the bike as light as possible and an extra 30+kgs of bouncing bike makes a real difference
  9. klr = trail bike with road ability
    Transalp = road and fire trail bike that could go on single trail tracks if pushed
    DL650 = road bike with fire tail ability.

    Consider also tt600, xr600 and dr650. All are much more trail oriented but with accessories could be much more pleasant on the road.
  10. The new G650GS is already here, and is a detuned 800cc - so smooth twin, and very well priced (much more so than the F800GS will be)

    Got got any pics? Can only find "rumours".....though I still like the Scrambler :cool:
  11. DR650 for me.

    I thought the transalp was rubbish.
  12. No, no pics. Apparently it was on a list of 20 upcoming sub-models that UK gave to their dealers. It's probably still far enough away to justify buying the Scrambler for the short term :wink:
  13. Yeah, it's just a rumour, but the 'hints' have been getting louder recently.

    If it was confirmed as 'real' later this year we wouldn't see it in Australia until Feb 2009 or later, though, judging by Triumph's past "confirm -> deliver" behaviour.

    At least the F800 is out in a few months! ;)
  14. if its mainly touring, even adventure touring, a twin will be a much more comforatable ride. i done some long days on the road on thumpers, and it feels like you done the rounds through a gay bar for days afterwards :wink:
  15. Must . . . Not . . Make . . . Joke . . . .About . . . Hondas
  16. I've been looking for a good KLE500 for a while now - I reckon they must all be rubbish and people are throwing them away rather than trying to sell 2nd hand......


    Hoping a few more will hit the market in these wet, cooler months.....
  17. They just didn't sell that many. They are no more powerful than the singles on the market and a fair bit heavier.
  18. Around 15kg's - but smoother, more economical, and six speed :cool:
  19. Alto here in Sydney have new one @ $6,490 - second hand ones are asking more that that - See here