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Trans or Clutch Problem on GSXR?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by BJR, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. I have a strange problem when accelerating in second gear on my GSXR. Sometimes not every time, it is as if the clucth lets go for a split second. I thought maybe second gear was stuffed but if it was, it would either slip into neutral or into 3rd. Chain tension is good.
    Does anyone have some ideas.............

  2. what do you mean feels like the clutch lets go ??? and second gear is often the gear that stuffs up on powerfull bikes .... its the one that cops the most flogging .. most people wont give a bike a big hand full in 1,st .. but second they will .. and its the gear that the mono kings " clutch it up " in
  3. also if it was the clutch it would do it in all gears ... so ill put my money on second gear
  4. Do you have a hydraulic or cable clutch?
  5. Lurker, its a hydraulic clutch.
    The bike has very low kms and the previous owner didn't thrash it at all, so I don't really know.
    I seriously hope it's not second gear!!!!!!!!
  6. sure sounds like second gear slipping
  7. If the chain tension is good then the only wildcard I can think of is the front sprocket slipping for some reason when you give it a boot full (2nd being the gear you would most likely give it full throttle). Honestly though, I'd say second gear is stuffed if it happens every time.

    A loose chain I find ussually starts slipping at high revs anyway, but it might be worth checking for a tight spot. If it's good when it goes tight it could be loose as a goose everywhere else.
  8. Clutch problem

    I would think that this is more likely to be a clutch problem.
    Had a similar problem on my GSXR 1100G.
    It too would appear to slip in second gear, but not all the time.
    So did a clutch check and ended up doing a rebuild, this fixed the problem, as a track day at P/I the next showed no sign of the problem.
    But just recently I have noticed that the clutch is engaging further out on the lever travel.
    So I will be looking at doing an overhaul of the clutch master and slave cylinders.
    The reason for this, is that the slave cylinder may not be going back fully and the clutch rod may not be fully releasing.
    Anyway I would look at the clutch workings from the master cylinder to the clutch plates before worrying about second gear.
    Yeh my 1100 has low klm's as well 24,000. :)
  9. Question: How exactly do you change from 1st gear into 2nd gear when you get the problem? If you are not using the clutch, start using it and give the lever a solid pull into 2nd gear. I have a similar problem on my VTR, but it usually happens when I don't use the clutch.

  10. That makes absolutely no sense... how is a pair of gears attached either by splines or dogs supposed to slip. They either hold or they clunk and judder, making a horrible noise while doing so.

    Put me down for the clutch being the culprit.
  11. Always use the clutch when changing gear, but I can be riding along in 2nd , then accelerate and at the top of the rev range it will slip only for a split second then be okay, so it can't be a selecting problem.
    I am leaning towards the clutch myself... well thats what I'm hoping.
  12. Sounds like 2nd gear is on its way out. The sensation of the bike feeling like its jumping out of gear then back in again is the warning that the dogs are rounded off on the gear. Its big bucks to fix. Engine out and split the engine case. Flat rate manual says 9 and a half hours, at $80 per hour plus parts.................
  13. Futher note.......

    When you change into second gear dont let the gear lever back down just hold it up with your foot. if it is second gear on the way out you'll feel the lever try push you foot back down as it trys to jump out of gear then back in again.
  14. I'm with Veg on this one. Had a TLR that went through a similar pattern. Replaced with after market clutch springs, cannot remember brand.
    A quick and easy fix. Can DIY with no problems. Give that a try before thinking about splitting cases for gearbox probs.
    Once gear dogs round off, they tend to just jump out into a false neutral, Usually after severe abuse.
  15. HI BJR,

    I recommend that you try more ellimination first before concluding 2nd

    Have you tried doing a 2nd gear pull away ? (ie at rest, put it in 2nd gear,
    and take off ?).

    or, Jam front brake on, and in 2nd gear engage clutch.. and see if it slips.

    I would be checking the front and rear sprockets too.. just in case.

    The next thing to do before you take it to a mechanic is inspect the
    clutch itself. You might be able to get away with taking the oil plug
    out and seeing if the clutch fingers have wear marks... which could
    cause a problem you have described.

    Other than that, pull the clutch cover off and inspect.

    I've got a noisy clutch ATM. When my bike comes back from the wheel
    specialists (after my near accident 2 weeks ago), that's the next problem
    I will be tackling.