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Trance Energy, April 10, Calder Park, noon till 11pm.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Who's comin?

  2. Wouldnt mind it actually.

    Missed out on Tiesto last year, and then had to sell my Sensation tickets (based on the lineup, i wasnt that upset tho) so would be good to actually get to see tiesto!

    Dont really know anyone that into that kinda music tho....
  3. not out of the question. will have to check with the boss if he's happy to babysit :wink:
  4. what's the line up J?
  5. According to a thread on www.smilepolice.com

    Marco V
    Glenn Morrison
    Sean Tyas
    Sied Van Riel
    Simon Patterson
    Judge Jules
    Aly and Fila
    Marcus Schossow
    Leon Bolier
    Richard Durand
  6. Savietto / Sa Vee Oh would be an exceptional addition to that lineup

    No Hacker... yes please

    this looks a bit too PLUR/happy for me :/
    but should be a GREAT show still
  7. PLUR is good
  8. PLUR is good - i agree - but not my flavour

    the problem with the punters these days is that they are either the kandy ravers, the hardstyle juicefiends and whatever is left over

    there is a considerable lack of PLUR these days
  9. I guess PLUR can be a little 'psy' or 'candy raver', I consider myself a 'candy raver'; just gettin a bit old for the phatts (even though I still wear them) & candy, lol.
  10. did anyone go to x-qlusive? the sydney show was sooo sweet. i dont mind a good bit of plur.

    hard trance would have to be my favorite edm genre. dont mind happy hardcore but it gets a bit silly after a while. goa trance is also pretty awesome.

    im trying to avoid listening to anything trancy while riding. am sure it will result with me being a new branch on a tree.

    johnny O If you really are 49 and still going hard with your candy and phatties gotta take my hat off to that. brilliant effort.
  11. I don'y shuffle as well as I used to with all the steel in my legs from racing accidents :)
  12. ok sounding like a noob, but whats a PLUR?
  13. Peace Love Unity & Respect
  14. Okay it's next Friday, looks like a few Netriders are coming, should be awesome!
  15. is there any netrider shuffle vid?
  16. A few of us were talking about that last night at the North Melb diner, maybe a few of us might get some footage at Trance Energy, just for the amusement of the non ravers here, lol
  17. Mate that would be awesome.

    I would love to come, but don't think I'll survive. Have work on the same day (6AM start) and 6AM start the next day...friggen sucks to work public holidays :-( miss out on the good shit.

    Hard trance and Hardstyle ftw ;)

    phong =P~
  18. will anyone be going to defqon? I hope its in Syd, wont fancy flying down to melb for it
  19. Got my tix today!! Hanging for it!!

    Went to Future Music the other week for Markus Schulz and he was farking AWESOME!! The rest of the event was kinda gay tho.

    The line up for Trance looks awesome!! Sean Tyas FTW!!! Looking forward to Glenn Morrison and John Askew too!

    Which netriders are going?