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Tramlines: 1, Spawn: 0

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spawn, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Lost it on a wet tram track this afternoon :(

    Minor damage to the Spada, footpeg broken off, scraped exhaust, damage front indicator, small dent in fuel tank and scraped mirror, handlebar and brake lever. My leg is bruised but otherwise no major damage but will see the Dr tomorrow anyway. Just a bit embarrassed is all. Bystanders were helpful asking if I was ok etc.

    Just wondering how much damage this is to repair, especially on a Spada where getting spares might be a problem. Will be calling QBE tomorrow to find out more. Any ideas? Is it a big deal (expensive) fixing a dented tank?

    I called the cops to report it but they said I don't need to if there wasn't an injury (and no one else involved) and I don't intend to claim from TAC. Once again I'll check with QBE, but does this sound right?

    Oh and do I need to replace my helmet? I did land on it quite hard but it appears ok except for some minor damage to the 'vent' on the top (AGV Stealth).

    Bloody tram tracks :evil:

  2. Yes to changing the helmet.

    They are only good for one crash despite their appearance afterwards.
  3. well theres a saying about helmets, u drop it the 1st time it will only make that specific sound once, after that shes rat shit

    id buy a new 1 if u hit it pretty hard, better to be safe than sorry
  4. Turn your helmet upside down, fill it with potting mix and grow a dope plant in it.
    It's all it's good for now. ;)

    As for the repair, depends on what state it was in before you crashed it. If it was rough, bank the cash and fix it when you sell it.
  5. Bike was in great shape before the crash but I can't ride it until I get the footpeg replaced.

    QBE cover riding gear and should include the helmet so I'll ask about it then.

    Have a Striple R on order, due this month or next so was planning to sell the Spada soonish so probably best to get it fixed up now.
  6. So I take it this isn't the way to cross a tramline? I was moving to the side of the road to park so couldn't get a better angle on it. The front wheel lost traction and was floating along the track while I tried to regain control, when I did get traction the bike was sideways so I went over (high-side).

  7. the more perpendicular u cross it the better. but still u can take tracks at that angle, u jsut need to be completely upright, not leaning/turning at all. it's this sideways momentum that is your undoing i think. no good to hear mate, but glad you're ok :)

    talk to your insurance, it depends what your excess is. but since QBE cover gear, i'd probably claim, as the total cost of repairs plus your gear will no doubt be greater than your excess.
  8. Dear Gawd, man. Why did you call the cops???

    I'd have been up and out of there just in case someone ELSE called them :eek:
  9. we dont have the compulsory "someone must be fined" BS when the cops rock up, so he woulda been sweet from a neg driving charge or whatever it is.

    i still dont like that up your way. sure, sometimes its deserved, coz ur pushing too hard. but other times u jsut cant fkn help it.
  10. nsw has a policy of someone must be fined? thats fcuked.
  11. not a policy as such it just makes the day easier for your local plod to reach his quota and show force to the good people of this fine (sh1thole) of a place.
    sucks to the prang. i have only ever crossed dry tram tracks in my time in Melbourne on a bike so no probs there. they must be a biatch in the wet on a bike as wheelspin in a car is a hoot when driving along one. to fix or not to fix is the question.. but i say fix. if you can that is.. seems like bolt on stuff so no biggy. show the love.
  12. Geez mate bad luck, my mate took his spada for a slide the other week too and had similar damage...

    He got the bolt on parts for under $500 and is putting the bits on but hasn't done anything about the tank and doesn't intend to because he said it's too much trouble to fix so not sure about the tank.

    Hope you get back on the road sooner than a jiffy!

    Good luck :grin:
  13. Bad luck mate, glad that you came out ok.

    I had a fall two weeks ago involving tram line as well... luckily it was a very slow fall so both me and my bike are ok.

    Gotta be very careful with tramlines especially when they are wet
  14. Well I was under the impression that one had to have reported it to the cops in order to claim insurance but it seems that's not the case. But yea, won't call them again unless someone is injured - right? Or do you -have- to call if another vehicle is involved? :? Time to read the law, politics forums I think ;)

    Oh and I will be avoiding wet tramlines entirely from now on, this isn't the first time I've slipped, just the 1st time I didn't win
  15. Think seriously before you claim. The claim will affect your rating for several years (that's $$s every year) as well as the excess. Add that up and then balance it against how much you will get for the bike either bodged up, or repaired properly.
    I'm only guessing, but I'd say it's going to be best hunt out the second hand parts you need (leave the tank), and get what you can for the bike that way.
    Let's face it, you're not going to get huge money for a bike of that age anyway, repaired or not.

    edit: it's best to call the cops if you are confident that another party is at fault (but disputes it), or someone has been injured. If the cops lay a charge on the other party, you are home free with the insurance. Obviously not relevant in this case.
  16. Yea good point on the insurance. I'm going to get it fixed up and not worry about the tank (at least its not scratched) and the exhaust, shouldn't be that much for the rest. My only problem is a new helmet is around $400 so I'm looking at around $600 all up which is the excess but I suppose at least I'm not going to have my premiums affected for the future, unless I have a 'no claim bonus protection' - I'll have to check my policy.
  17. when i claimed with AAMI i think it was, they said one claim would not affect my premium, its only if i have a 2nd claim with them. sort of like a "we'll let the first one slide, but if u make another, its obviously a habit". suggest u ask QBE if making a claim will affect your future premium with them assuming u choose to stay with them.

    also, it will not affect future premiums with other insurers, if u simply choose not to disclose this with them. unless they have jsut cause to ask other insurers about any history, they will never find out eh... just a thought.