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Tram Tracks -- safest way to get over them?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mugen86, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. my tires tend to slip or lose traction or get caught in between the tracks :(. What is the safest way to get over them when driving parallel?

  2. Try to cross them as close to head-on as possible. ie 45 degrees+ which usually means making a wider turn or moving to the furthest side of the lane, then cross over on an angle.
  3. +1 to what VCM said.

    Also, as you cross the rails the bike should be upright and not turning (changing direction).

    This often means that you must initiate a turn/lanechange, stand the bike up and ride 'straight' over the rails, then complete the turn/lanechange once clear of the rails.
  4. I don't think thats what he is after Vinnie. I think he means if he is riding parallel to the tracks how does he change lanes. It is a bit hard to do that at 45 degrees + if you are doing anything over 10kph. The way I do it is to make it a positive deliberate movement. Don't um and ah about it or you will get your tyre "stuck" in the track. Which ever way you do it it will unsettle the bike a little but if you make it a quick smooth movement. Go out on a quiet day and practice it.
  5. VCM's "45+ degrees" comment doesn't apply to lanechanging, no, but a generous angle between the rails and your path of travel is important.

    As you say, "a deliberate action" is required - don't just drift across the rails slowly. Make a very deliberate change into the other lane. And make sure the bike is going "straight" (not changing direction) as you cross the rails.

    The bike needs grip to change direction; the rail affords very little grip.
    If you're not changing direction, you don't need (much) grip.
  6. When I have to ride next to them parallel and have to go over them, I just do a little counter-steer flick. Worked so far.. I just really dislike them in the wet. Makes my arse end wiggle.
  7. +1 to all the replies..
    re: lane changes, of course its impossible to cross over @ 45Degrees..
    Damn I hate tram tracks, which is why I try to avoid heading into the city :p
  8. In a tram.
  9. mmmmmm funny guy.

    oooopppppssss rides a BMW.....

    explains it. :LOL:
  10. Move to Sydney :LOL:
  11. Ahhh, but on the contrary. Sydney shares as much love for its road users as Melbourne does: the light rail embedded into the road around Darling Harbour, and the slippery lane-width steel plates everywhere else. :p
  12. Yep...that's it.
    Counter-steer so that you are going to cross them at an angle, but get the bike back upright (before you cross), then counter-steer the other way to straighten up again.
    At the point that you actually cross, "feather" the throttle so you are not on the power, nor off the power.
    There are a few other tricks that I include but they are my own personal preference - not part of the general technique.

    PS...If you want to have a bit of fun, giuve the throttle a blip just as you cross - just be ready for rear to kick out. :grin:

  13. I ride on roads with trams everyday in my commute from Cheltenham. I had worked myself into a bit of a state after reading some horror stories on here, but actually found it VERY easy when it came time for me to face the dreaded track!
    Just relax and put all the above advise into action and you will be fine.