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Tram tracks 1 - 0 Bulby

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by bulby, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Ye olde wet tram track slippage. Blame is all on me :nopity:
    Coming out of Burnley Tunnel, I took a right turn from Burnley St into Swan St. Not concentrating enough, I ended up ON the left-hand-side track instead of in between the tracks.

    Before I knew it, I was hugging the road, kissing the track.

    Nasty scrapes on the engine cover.
    Killed my left front blinker dead.
    Barely noticeable marks on bar-end.
    End of clutch lever dented and scraped.
    New rain suit needed.
    Everything else in working order (rider included).

    How did I know I was being complacent & inattentive? I didn't remember much of what happened at the traffic light apart from waiting for it to turn green.

    edit: Buckets of thanks to dudes who jumped off their cars to help me lift and move the bike off the road. Well... one of them intended to help but the other dude beat him to it, but thanks anyway :)
  2. you walked away mate... it's still a win, shame about the busted bits though.
  3. It always restores my faith in humanity when something wrong happens and people are fighting each other to help.

    Glad you are ok.
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  4. Damn that's bad Bulby but glad you are ok.
  5. Tram tracks are bastards, had a run in myself about 3 years ago on Toorak rd near Punt Rd, just down from the arcadia pub... almost ended up sliding into a cab in the opposite lane, no one helped - thanks humanity! But glad to hear someone did with you. Worst of it was I was turning off toorak rd onto my street! D'oh!
  6. Bugger Bulby. Those tramlines are lethal in today's wet! Good to see you aren't injured.

    The other day I slipped on one of those bridge toothy expansion joints near the Burnley Tunnel - it wasn't even wet, so don't know what the heck happened. Didn't go down luckily.
  7. i actually came off on the exact same tram tracks, but further down near the bridge, farking bastards
  8. Thank goodness tram tracks are few and far between in Sydney. In fact, the only thing similar is the light rail down the Haymarket end of Sydney as far as I know. Made a wrong turn one time in the city and ended up in this area on a drizzly night. After all the stories on here I certainly took thing nice and easy negotiating the steel rails.
  9. Bad luck Bulby, but as long as you're okay.

    Were you distracted by hot women on Swan St getting wet in the rain?
  10. was this the new replacement bike mate? Glad you're OK. Tram tracks strike again.
  11. good to hear you're ok little fella, I had an 'amost' myself this morn at the end of ring rd greensborough end, help sphinkter tighten very quickly, think I better replace front tyre, again Bulby, glad to hear you're ok :) lottsa bikes, only one Bulby !! lol
  12. Thanks for all the replies, guys. There was hardly any pedestrian around. Must've been just me spacing out. Bad idea.

    And I was surprised that I nearly told the bloke "I hope the bike's alright" when he asked me if I was alright. lol

    Anyhow, replacement blinker ordered. Should get it around Monday.
  13. Good to hear you are OK
  14. The important thing is, that you're ok, and that you have accessed the reason for going down, honestly. Kudos to you mate.
  15. Live and learn bulby! It's when you don't pay attention that things happen... was cruising up the street near work the other day, just had to do a right hand turn into the drive and bam... cars in front stop unexpectedly so on with the anchors. Luckily I was ok, but gave myself a swift uppercut as punishment.
  16. did you drop it ant?
  17. Nah, just the uppercut mate ;-)
  18. Sorry to hear about the bike Bulby but glad you are OK.
  19. Sorry to hear that Bulby. Glad that you are ok. I got my lesson from the tram track 9 mths ago on burke road and barkers road in camberwell. Was doing 20kph no one come over to help but there was a car passed by and asked whether I'm doing fine.
  20. Had to face my fears today for the first time since the last spill and took on those evil wet tram tracks! (Wasn't raining, but still wet :p )

    It was a pretty generic turn of events, so fast forwards to my conclusions. It's not so scary if you do all of these:
    a. Pay attention
    b. Take it easy
    c. Relax
    d. All the basic tram tracks crossing 101 (upright, perpendicular entry angle, no acceleration/deceleration, etc)